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Painting is a common project in decoration, which is easy to say and difficult to say. Paint, just paint the wall with a brush. It's wrong to think like this. Ordinary coatings don't have high requirements for technology, and you can handle it if you master some basic painter skills, but you can't be so casual when you encounter high-end coatings. If you don't understand something, you may not be able to brush it well. Sun Gong is “ Know the root and the bottom ”, He is an expert in this respect. Let Sun Gong tell you again

my paint has finally been painted on the wall. There is nothing important to say during this period. The reason is very simple. Sun Gong is so expert that no one dare to play a big knife in front of me easily. However, my decoration experience for so many years tells me that for layman owners, they still have to encounter many problems if they want to paint well. Here I would like to say some common problems for your attention

there is a saying in the paint industry called “ Divide materials into three parts and divide labor into seven parts ”, The final effect depends on the coating quality and the construction technology. In other words, the final brushing effect is not necessarily related to the coating itself. In daily construction, if there is a problem with the painting of the wall, the oiler will often put the responsibility on the coating quality, causing the owner to trouble the manufacturer. In fact, the responsibility generally lies with the oiler, but the oiler will not admit his own problem, because once he admits that it is his own problem, how can he be paid? Then why is it generally the responsibility of oil workers? As long as the regular paint brands are produced by ton, once there is a problem, the loss is great, so its process and formula are fixed, and after many successful calibration experiments, it is difficult to have a problem

so how to paint a good wall? Sun Gong's summary is to standardize construction, we must standardize construction! Especially when your home is painted with high-end paint. It doesn't matter if it's a general popular coating, because it's almost OK to brush that kind of low-grade coating

in the past, sun Gong always thought that painting was the same as eating. Would you eat rougamo instead of KFC? Result &hellip& hellip; I was wrong! It's really different! People who are used to rougamo are really not used to KFC! So, later, I found that many oilers often have problems when painting high-end paint, and it became clear: because they rarely eat KFC with chicken legs, and their staple food is rougamo or mutton soup

if the coating is classified by grade, there should also be rougamo and KFC. So which ones belong to rougamo and donkey fire grade? Which ones belong to hamburger, KFC and McDonald's? Those sold in all regions, both urban and rural areas and in remote areas must be of rougamo and donkey fire grade, while those sold directly in large and medium-sized cities or franchised stores and manufacturers are of course of Hamburg grade. Just like cars, have you ever seen Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi stores open in county-level cities? Therefore, “ Many so and so ” And “ Li Mou ” It belongs to rougamo and donkey fire grade coating, while Jinyu, Dufang, Fenlin and other coatings belong to Hamburg grade

so, is there any difference between the way hamburgers are made and eaten and rougamo and donkey fire? Of course

therefore, attention should be paid to the construction of high-end coatings, and it is absolutely not allowed to eat casually like rougamo and donkey fire

note 1: dust removal on the wall

before painting primer, be sure to remove the thick dust accumulated on the wall after polishing the wall putty! Remove it all! You can use feather dusters, brooms and other simple tools to remove dust, or you can use a high-pressure air pump to blow it off. If you don't remove the dust, it's difficult for the wall to achieve the desired effect

owners who have experienced wall grinding after wall leveling know that the house can't stay. The dust is flying all over the house, and a thick layer of dust will accumulate on the ground. Then, do you know how much dust has accumulated on the wall? Forgot? No impression? It doesn't matter. If you meet someone who has just polished the wall, you can touch it on the wall! Definitely thicker than the powder on Dongshi's face! If the dust on each wall is swept down and loaded into a bowl, it is estimated that it will be enough for a bowl and a half




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