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GERMANI has endowed us with romantic genes, our yearning for beauty and our pursuit of quality

are you tired of the unchanging life

do you hate life being too ordinary and losing yourself

do you disdain those stereotyped designs

if so, it shows that you are a person with pursuit

specially tailored furniture

must be able to meet your personal needs

why is the customization of whole house furniture increasingly overshadowing the popularity of finished furniture and carpentry, and becoming the first choice for home decoration at present? Because the advantages of customized furniture are countless! The advantages of customized furniture can be described in three details:

(1) customized furniture can match the overall style of the home. Whether you are simple, European pastoral or British, you can meet your requirements

(2) save space. Now the house price is so expensive that it's not easy to buy a house. If these furniture waste most of the space, it's not cost-effective

(3) the quality of furniture products is guaranteed. It's not like asking the carpenter to fool around there by himself, and someone should be there at any time

GERMANI household products include a large number of series customized for the whole house, such as overall wardrobe, kitchen cabinet, cloakroom, wine cabinet, bookcase, tatami, bed, bedside cabinet, shoe cabinet, TV cabinet, sliding door and hall cabinet, which have formed a diversified sales pattern. Gemani home integrates independent research and development, design, production and sales of products. Over the years, with strong financial strength and scientific business philosophy, it has introduced high-tech technology at home and abroad, exquisite craftsmanship application, and franchising as the main promotion and expansion mode of market operation system. We have a professional design team, combined with professional computer-aided design system, and spare no effort to formulate the best plan for your private space at a high speed and efficiency. We have an excellent marketing team, long-term cooperation with merchants, and strive to become an excellent cooperative brand supporting real estate units with high-quality products and good reputation. After years of quality building, it has already established a highly influential brand effect and excellent reputation in the industry. Relying on more than ten years of production, management and operation experience, oem/odm has served hundreds of customized furniture brands and won the favor of the market with exquisite technology and service concept

as the advocate of "love life", GERMANI whole house customization "advocates a family culture with companionship as the core in the name of love". It not only contributes "original" environmental protection products to customers, but also brings a natural, simple and healthy lifestyle, as well as the design concept and works of "restoring the essence of life". For customers, "original state" can be understood as "healthy original lifestyle", and "providing warm hearts The important mission of "comfortable home space solution" is to focus on the brand value of "building a warm and comfortable home". Guided by the name of love and humanistic home, it is committed to building a home brand that consumers respect and a life companion home brand. GERMANI has endowed us with romantic genes, our yearning for beauty, and our pursuit of quality




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