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In this era of rapid consumption, everything is required to be fast, high and economical, and modern home decoration is also more and more inclined to simplify and save. During this period, aluminum alloy sliding doors have become the darling of modern home, which not only greatly facilitates the cutting and application of the room space, but also has the excellent functions of noise reduction, heat insulation, moisture and corrosion prevention. However, now there are many brands of sliding doors in the aluminum alloy door and window market, with different prices. How should consumers choose? Next, Guanhao doors and windows will teach you to choose aluminum alloy sliding doors with five key points:

first, look at the profile section

now, the profiles of aluminum alloy sliding doors on the market are divided into national standard aluminum alloy and recycled aluminum. The profile of high-quality aluminum alloy sliding door of Guanhao door and window is made of national standard aluminum alloy profile (aluminum, silicon, strontium, copper, magnesium, manganese and other alloys), which has great advantages in toughness, and the thickness can reach more than 1.4mm. The low-quality profile is recycled aluminum, and the toughness and service life will decline. National standard profiles are mostly treated with advanced imported wood grain, and the decoration function is very good. Some aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers usually use the method of surface coloring of recycled aluminum profiles in order to replace inferior ones with good ones. Therefore, when purchasing, consumers should let businesses show the cross section of commodity profiles to understand the real raw materials

second, listen to the pulley sensation

the aluminum alloy sliding door has two sets of pulleys, upper and lower. The upper slide plays a guiding role. Because it is installed in the upper track, consumers usually don't pay attention to it when purchasing. Guanhao door and window aluminum alloy sliding door has a relatively complex sliding structure, which is not only tight in structure, but also has an anti swing positioning wheel of the door leaf to make it slide smoothly in orientation, which is useful to avoid the strike of the door leaf when it is pushed and pulled, and has a strong ability to resist wind pressure and almost no noise. When choosing, consumers should not mistakenly think that the sliding door should be as light as possible when sliding. In fact, high-quality sliding doors should have a certain self weight when sliding, smooth and without sensation

III. The height of the pick track

the rationality of the ground rail planning directly affects the comfort and service life of the goods. Consumers should choose a style that has a good foot feel and is conducive to cleaning and hygiene when purchasing. Together, Guanhao doors and windows reminds you that for the safety of the elderly and children at home, the height of the ground rail should not exceed 5mm

IV. choose safety glass

except that transparent glass cannot be used for bathroom doors, the glass area of other sliding doors accounts for the majority. The quality of glass directly determines the price of the door. The best choice is the standard hollow tempered glass of the luxury door window, which will not hurt people if broken, and has a high safety factor. And it has excellent sound insulation and heat insulation functions. The time of door device should be effectively connected with the ground

v. edge bonding fastness

the popular adhesive strips on the market are PVC, EPDM and silica gel. EPDM silica gel has a better effect and will not age and corrode profiles and glass. EPDM silica gel is used for Guanhao doors and windows. PVC is easy to fall off and deform, And oxidation will occur after long-term use (there is a layer of oil, sticky hands, sticky dust.

aluminum alloy sliding doors decorate the home, which is simple and unchanged. When choosing, you can remember the five key points to buy goods with better quality. In addition, consumers can also identify some well-known brands of aluminum alloy doors and windows without the knowledge of professionals. Guanhao doors and windows specializes in the planning and production of aluminum alloy doors and windows for more than 10 years, providing customers with worry free solutions To provide you with the best door and window products





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