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Interpack 2008 International Packaging Exhibition Conference in Dusseldorf, Germany was held in Beijing

Interpack 2008 processing and packaging exhibition will be held in Dusseldorf, Germany, which will be the largest Interpack exhibition in history

on September 14, the Interpack 2008 press conference was held at the Swiss Hotel, Hong Kong and Macao Center, Beijing. This exhibition mainly includes packaging machinery, packaging materials and grain and fruit machines that meet the national experimental electrical machinery and gas standards. According to the first "report on the development status and trends of green packaging in China's express delivery industry" released by the State Post Office, pavilions 1, 2 and 4 are the classified fruit machinery exhibition area of grain fatigue; 7. Hall 8 and hall 10 are the exhibition area of packaging materials; Other exhibition halls are exhibition areas of other packaging machinery. The unprecedented scale of this event can be seen from the current registration status of the participants. The newly added Exhibition Hall B, with an area of 8000 square meters, will provide more exhibition space for exhibitors and visitors

press conference site (the first on the left is Mr. Richard Clemens, general manager of VDMA food processing and Packaging Machinery Association)

during the seven day Interpack exhibition, the audience will not only see the latest trends in the processing and packaging of food, baked goods, candy, beverages, non food consumer goods (such as medicine and cosmetics), as well as industrial products, but also have the opportunity to contact the cutting-edge ideas in related fields. As the largest packaging event in the world, interpack2008 will display innovative products in every link of the value chain, and provide a complete and unparalleled display to the audience looking for packaging solutions or innovative technology products. Mr. Richard Clemens, general manager of VDMA food processing and packaging machinery association, revealed that in this exhibition, you can see more than 2700 innovative technologies

as an economy with 1.3 billion people and rapid development, China's market potential is immeasurable. As the earliest and most completely open industry in China, China's food and beverage industry provides a lot of opportunities for foreign-funded enterprises that have entered and will enter the Chinese market. In addition, compared with the saturated western market, the Chinese market still has considerable room for growth

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