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Introduce thinkbook 14 2021 (4600u) and Lenovo Xiaoxin air14 2021. Which is the best choice?

thinkbook 14 2021 (4600u) compared with Lenovo Xiaoxin air14 2021, thinkbook 14 2021 is better as a labor union, but in terms of performance, this Lenovo Xiaoxin air14 2021 is better. Friends with game needs, recommend this one to be better. Business office, cost-effective this thinkbook 14 2021 is more suitable

I. what is the thinkbook 14 Raptor 2021 suitable for

from the configuration point of view, thinkbook 14 Raptor 2021 is suitable for general office, on, light games, and a relatively high cost-effective one. Friends with this demand may wish to pay attention to this one

turn to thinkbook 14 Reebok version friends' comments to see how many crash failures are there?

II. Thinkbook 14 Reebok version 2021 JD event price:

the faster the speed, the smaller the torque

second bargain: ¥ 4199.00 [¥ 4599.00]

JD event quotation link:

III. summary:

build a public service platform kboo10 After each use, K14 2021 (4600u) and Lenovo Xiaoxin air14 2021 are generally thin books worth starting with, which are mainly selected according to their own budget and purpose. Lenovo Xiaoxin air14 2021, how about the performance evaluated by friends

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