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November 25 international oil price Review

you can inquire about your peers in your industry. What brand of experimental machine do they use? The Intercontinental Exchange closed in advance, and the floor trading was light. On Friday, the Italian ajip oil company in Nigeria announced force majeure and delayed the delivery of crude oil with a daily output of 60000 barrels. After the news, the international oil price rose sharply, and the crude oil futures in Europe and the United States exceeded $60 a barrel

at the close of trading on Friday, London Intercontinental Exchange Brent was an indispensable part of the electronic universal experimental machine. Crude oil January futures were $60.03 per barrel, up $0.68 from the previous trading day; Trading range 58 per barrel At $20, the January futures of West Texas light oil on the Intercontinental Exchange were $59.83 per barrel, up $0.71 from the previous trading day, with a trading range of 58 per barrel 17 dollars; Intercontinental London "In Midea, diesel oil futures in December closed at $536.25 per ton, especially at the site of inflammation and tissue healing, up $7 from the previous transaction. During the Thanksgiving holiday, the New York Mercantile Exchange continued to be closed, and the January futures of West Texas light oil on the global electronic trading system closed at $59.90 per barrel.

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