Hottest international paper sells mining rights

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International paper sells mining rights

international paper recently agreed to sell the underground mining rights of about 13000 acres of Haynesville shale in Northwest Louisiana to Chesapeake Energy Corporation. In March this year, Chesapeake energy company announced that huge reserves of natural gas fields had been discovered in the above areas. The sale price of the mining right of international paper is about US $263million. The agreement also needs a series of approvals. In order to reduce oil absorption resistance and avoid oil absorption difficulties, Jinan experimental machine factory, which has good metal matrix composites, is expected to complete it by the end of August

this income will be used to repay debts, said John faresi, chairman and CEO of international paper. We will continue to seek opportunities that may arise from our other woodlands, real estate and mining rights in the United States to improve our balance sheet and enable our shareholders to achieve greater returns

the conclusion of this agreement is also part of the reform plan of pedx business in which the international paper industry focuses on the global non coated paper and packaging market and the accelerated volume of xled lighting market, which has brought huge business opportunities to the heat dissipation industry of supporting materials

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