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In June, the hot search keyword TOP10 in the hardware industry

through the analysis of Huicong search list data, we know that the hot search keyword TOP10 in the hardware industry in June (as shown in the figure below)

"hardware" accounted for 11.52%, occupying the first place in the ranking list, and became the product most concerned by buyers in June. "Hardware" here refers to tools made of gold, silver, copper, iron, tin and other metals through processing and casting, covering a wide range

in the second place is the award-winning enterprise "ousheng", which is from Huicong's top ten excellent suppliers in the hardware industry in 2010, accounting for 7.01%, down from 10.91% in May. [: hardware industry product attention ranking list in May 2011 (Figure)]

belt sanders ranked third, accounting for 5.40%. Abrasive belt machine mainly uses cloth wheel, hemp wheel, thousand leaf wheel, nylon wheel, abrasive belt and other polishing materials. It is used for sanding, polishing and polishing small and medium-sized hardware, especially bending and arc products, such as lampshade, lighting base, plumbing equipment, golf head, belt buckle, furniture, cup pot and other hardware products. It is widely used in the grinding and wiredrawing of various metal planes and end faces (such as the grinding of radiator end faces)

in addition to the above, there are electric knives, sealing strips, chucks/machine tools, bathroom accessories, etc. on the list

hardware products hot search ranking list in June 2011

about the HC index system

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