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INTERSIL company launched step-down PWM regulator

California, Milpitas - November 11, 2008 - INTERSIL company (NASDAQ Global Select Market Trading Code: ISIL), the world's leading manufacturer of high-performance analog semiconductor design and manufacturing, announced today that it launched a high-performance 24V, 2A step-down PWM regulator - isl8500, which provides a simple and practical power solution for various load point applications

the PWM controller in isl8500 can drive an internal n-channel power MOSFET, and use an external Schottky diode to generate an output voltage of 0.6V ~ 19v. The optimized integrated power switch can achieve excellent thermal performance, and the maximum output current can reach 2A. Isl8500 adopts a fixed switching frequency of 500KHz, adopts a simple voltage mode, and the integrated input voltage feedforward control provides engineers with sufficient flexibility in device selection and space saving

protection functions such as overcurrent, undervoltage and thermal overload protection make isl8500 a very stable power solution. The output voltage monitoring and power sequencing functions can be realized through the integrated PGOOD (power good) and enable (enable) functions of isl8500. The PWM regulator also includes an externally adjustable soft start time, which can realize smooth and monotonous start and inrush current control

The maximum input voltage of the isl8500 can reach 24V. It is an ideal choice for 5V load point applications, 12V power supply and 24V battery power supply system. Isl8500 is packaged in a small thermal enhanced 4mm x 3mm DFN, which is very suitable for telecommunications and data communication equipment, test and measurement systems, industrial or instrument applications, set-top boxes and DSL modems

pricing and supply

the isl8500 that has been supplied is packaged with 12 lead DFN, and the price for ordering 1000 pieces is $2.05

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about INTERSIL power management product family

INTERSIL is a globally recognized leader in power management solutions, providing a rich product portfolio that simplifies various power design. INTERSIL's power management IC series covers a wide range, from building blocks such as charge pumps to highly integrated, multi output and multi-phase PWM products, as well as four-way voltage heat exchange controllers. As a leading manufacturer in the field of PWM Controller IC with a shipment of more than 2billion chips, INTERSIL can meet the power management needs of a variety of applications, including computing, communications, peripherals, display, networking, telecommunications, industry, instrumentation and battery powered products

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INTERSIL is a leading manufacturer of high-performance analog semiconductor components. The company's products can meet many of the industry's fastest-growing markets, such as flat-panel displays, mobile, other handheld devices and notebook computers. INTERSIL's product series has power management function and analog signal processing function. These products include IC for battery management, hot swap and hot plug controller, linear regulator, power sequencer, monitoring. If the composite layer is treated by this kind of treatment, IC, bridge driver, PWM controller, switching dc/dc regulator and power mosfe electroplating process can undoubtedly change the texture and performance of metal T driver; And optical storage laser diode drivers, DSL line drivers, video and high-performance operational amplifiers, data converters, Interface ICs, analog switches and multiplexers, crosspoint switches, VoIP devices; In addition, there are special ICs for military, aerospace and anti radiation applications

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