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International logistics warehousing and packaging (I)

I. overview of international logistics warehousing and packaging

1 Characteristics of warehousing work

a. major

b. strong professionalism and timeliness

2 The three basic links of warehousing are: Warehousing acceptance, in warehouse management, and outbound review

3. The status and role of warehousing corresponds to the concept of warehousing and transportation. Warehousing is an activity aimed at changing the time state of "goods", overcoming the time difference between production and demand, so as to produce better utility between enterprises

a. warehousing is one of the main functional elements of logistics

b. warehousing is one of the necessary conditions for social material production to work

4 The role of warehousing in enterprise logistics system

warehousing system is an indispensable subsystem of enterprise logistics system. It is a metallographic microscope system for research. Warehousing plays a buffering and balancing role in coordinating the supply and demand of raw materials and finished products in time. Enterprises can provide customers with appropriate products at the time and place they need, so as to improve the time utility of products; However, the reporting of products in the warehouse indicates the interruption of logistics, which increases the cost of products

a. reduce transportation costs and improve transportation efficiency

b. integrate products

c. support the sales of enterprises. Chinalco Shandong enterprises will continue to give full play to the advantages of industry, technology, talents and brand services

d. adjust supply and demand

5 The type of warehousing activities of an enterprise

self built warehouse, leased warehouse, leased public warehouse or contract warehousing

Contract warehousing or third-party warehousing refers to that an enterprise subcontracts logistics activities to an external company, which provides comprehensive logistics services for the enterprise

advantages of contract Warehousing:

a. it is conducive to the effective use of resources by enterprises

b. it is conducive to the expansion of the market by enterprises

c. it is conducive to the testing of new markets by enterprises

d. it is conducive to the reduction of transportation costs by enterprises

5 The concept of packaging

packaging is a general term for the work of packaging and properly decorating and marking items with containers, materials and auxiliary substances according to certain technical methods in order to protect products, facilitate storage and transportation, and promote sales in the logistics process. In short, packaging is the general term of packaging materials and packaging operations

6. The role of packaging in international logistics

in the production process of society, packaging is at the end of the production process and the beginning of the logistics process, which is both the end of production and the beginning of logistics

in international sales of goods, packaging is also an important part of describing goods, and packaging conditions are a major condition in the sales contract

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