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Introduce KGC kajieshi massage chair Star River Star Moon Twilight dream moon model which is good? What is the difference

kgc kajieshi massage chair is a popular brand as a massage chair brand, and its quality is still worthy of affirmation. Its popular massage chair models include: kajieshi massage chair Xinghe, Xingyue, twilight, MengYue. Which is the specific kajieshi massage chair Xinghe Xingyue, twilight MengYue model? What is the difference? Let's take a look at the comparison of several models of kajieshi massage chair and the price user experience comments, which may help you choose for reference

first, which is the difference:

in fact, the models of these KGC kajieshi massage chairs Xinghe, Xingyue, twilight and MengYue are not very different. The main difference is that the time of listing is different, and the appearance is different. The functions and configurations are the same. This kajieshi massage chair Xinghe model is the latest to be launched, and the functions are relatively upgraded (KGC kajieshi massage chair Xinghe tmall quotation) The following is a reference to the model quotation and user comments of these massage chairs

II. Quotation and comments on various models of kajieshi massage chair:

1. Taking RGM ⑵ 00 as an example, kajieshi massage chair Xinghe:

reference price: ¥ 15888.00

user comments: the beauty of massage chair is very high! It looks good at home now. It's not old-fashioned at all. Before, I argued with my wife for a long time about whether to buy dark or light colors. In fact, we didn't choose the wrong one. The design is simple, but it looks more classy. Compared with many models seen in the store, it has a much stronger sense of modernity. I really like it

2. Kajieshi massage chair Xingyue:

reference price: ¥ 10988.00 (click here to check the latest quotation)

user comments: the service is very considerate, the massage chair adds a lot of color to the home, working hard during the day, massaging at night, listening to music, and always falling asleep. Thank you very much! There are many massage chairs in the society, which are good and practical. Caishu plastic machinery orders in the United States in the fourth quarter of 2013 totaled about $335million. I will introduce this product to my friends

3. Kajieshi massage chair Twilight:

reference price: ¥ 19800.00 (click here to view the latest quotation)

user comments: I have received the massage chair for a few days, and I feel it is OK to use it. There have been some problems in the intermediate logistics, which have been successfully solved under the communication of Tangtang. The attitude of the customer service staff is really commendable. The massage effect of massage chair is also good. I'm very satisfied with buying large items on the Internet for the first time

4. Kajieshi massage chair dream month:

reference price: ¥ 23800.00

user comments: Dad inspected for a long time, and finally bought this dream month. The master delivered it home, and immediately made an appointment for installation the next day. The packaging was very good, and the installation master was also very serious. The leather feels very good, the massage force is in place, and the functions are complete. You can comfortably massage the whole body at home

summary: the above is about KGC kajieshi massage chair. There are only no more than 10 companies in the world that have developed this kind of material, Star River Star Moon Twilight dream moon type, which can ensure the performance of the instrument and the use effect. The basic difference is not very big, but mainly in the appearance. You can choose the corresponding one according to your preference

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