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As the most important bulk commodity in the world, the price trend of national crude oil will have a profound impact on other types of bulk commodities, especially alternative energy. As the international oil price recently stabilized at $80 and hit $90, various alternative energy sources such as dimethyl ether and fuel ethanol also began to dance

dimethyl ether rose sharply in line with the trend

the main reference object of domestic dimethyl ether sales price has always been the price of liquefied gas. Liquefied petroleum gas is called "liquefied petroleum gas" by Shang Guiqin, director of the National Key Laboratory of food contact materials testing (Changzhou) of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China, and its price trend is highly consistent with the oil price. Recently, the sharp rise in international oil prices has led to the synchronous rise in the price of domestic liquefied gas, which has become the booster of the price rise of dimethyl ether

according to the data provided by the industry institutions, the ex factory price of liquefied gas in Guangzhou has risen to 6600 yuan/ton on November 3, up 600 yuan in two weeks; The ex factory price of liquefied gas in Nanjing rose from 5210 yuan/ton on October 5 to 6410 yuan/ton on November 8, an increase of about 23.03%

"coupled with the insufficient driving rate of dimethyl ether enterprises and the tight supply of regional resources since this year, the price of dimethyl ether has ushered in a long-awaited upsurge." China Chemical Analyst zhoucuiping said

according to institutional data, the average price of domestic dimethyl ether increased by more than 11% last week, increased by 5.9% at the beginning of this week compared with the end of last week, and increased by 64.5% compared with the same period last year. At present, the mainstream transaction price in Shandong has climbed to between. Dimethyl ether ranked second in the energy growth list of CHEMCHINA in October

"with the coming of winter, the shortage of natural gas and the increasing demand for liquefied gas, the industry generally believes that dimethyl ether will be consolidated at a high level in the later stage, and there is a driving force to continue to rise." Zhou Cuiping said

domestic listed companies involved in dimethyl ether mainly include Tianmao group and Weiyuan biochemical

fuel ethanol enjoys the "dividend" of high oil prices.

fuel ethanol is another kind of alternative energy that is positively related to crude oil. This newspaper learned from insiders that the domestic ethanol price has increased by as much as 25% in the past week, indicating that the pointer should point to the zero position of the dial and enter a round of rising channel after the ethanol market has hit empty; Fuel ethanol, on the other hand, fluctuated with reference to the price of domestic refined oil, which also rose significantly after the last round of refined oil price adjustment

according to insiders, the electronic tensile testing machine is not just a simple tensile test. At present, the sales price of fuel ethanol in China is determined by referring to the retail price of No. 90 gasoline. At present, the market price of corn is about 1900-2000 yuan per ton. Based on the consumption of 3.3 tons of corn to produce a ton of vehicle ethanol to meet the use requirements of consumers, the cost of corn per ton of vehicle ethanol is 6270-6600 yuan. After adding other costs, the production cost per ton of vehicle ethanol is about 8000-9000 yuan. If the national flexible subsidy standard for biofuel ethanol is 1659 yuan/ton, fuel ethanol enterprises will turn losses into profits

domestic fuel ethanol listed companies mainly include Fengyuan biochemical

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