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Li qiulai, member of the CPPCC Haigang District Committee, came to Yaohua Glass for research

recently, Li qiulai, vice chairman of the CPPCC Haigang District Committee, together with more than 20 relevant personnel from the CPPCC members, the district government office and the district political affairs office, came to Yaohua Group to investigate and optimize the business environment. Cao Yang, leader of Yaohua Group, and leaders of Yaoji company accompanied the visit and investigation

in Yaoji company, the research team visited the plant area and float glass production line to learn more about the operation of the company. CPPCC members stopped from time to time to watch, and became very interested in the process, technology, equipment and enterprise management of glass production and the recovery of the international market

in recent years, Yaohua Group, with the strong support of the leaders of the municipal and district governments, has undergone a series of positive changes in the formulation of the energy and environment development strategy: the production and operation have continued to improve, the reorganization work has made substantial progress, the construction of new projects has helped the transformation and development, and the occupational income has increased year after year. A blow molding machine with good performance has shown good market adaptability in the process of producing films

the changes of Yaohua have been fully affirmed by the leaders of the urban government. Today, Yaohua is full of vitality and vigor everywhere

Li qiulai said: the district CPPCC pays great attention to Yaohua's business environment and places hope on Yaohua's future development. As always, the District Government Association pays attention to and supports the development of Yaohua, and wishes Yaohua a brilliant future for a hundred years

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