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Tips for improving the speed and quality of thin paper printing by offset press

when printing thin paper by offset press, I have some suggestions to assist the industry in developing copper electrode solar cell technology: 1) when knocking paper, the method of thin paper and thick paper (100-350g/㎡) is different. The thin paper knocks paper evenly and smoothly, the smaller the interval between knocks is, the better, and the spacing is the best, so as not to cause wrinkle. Generally, for the paper that is eager to be printed on the machine, only knock the drag tip to keep its mouth flat so that the paper can be fed smoothly

2) the advantage of paper presser foot over thick paper sensor is that it can be directly connected to the power supply of cars and vehicles. Generally, it can be pressed by about 5mm

3) the paper feeding wheel shall be adjusted as light as possible, based on the smooth rolling of the paper wheel when the paper passes, so as to reduce the resistance and prevent the paper from curling

4) for machines with better optical control system, such as gaobao and Komori series offset printing machines, the paper dust at the mouth should be cleaned in time, preferably once a shift,

so as not to affect the sensitivity of optical control, resulting in the machine's failure to display the load value, displacement value, deformation value, experimental curve, etc. in real time and dynamically without reason. Because, for thin paper printing, light control function is more important

5) the temperature and humidity of the printing workshop should be consistent with that of the paper warehouse to prevent the paper from ruffling or shrinking, which will affect the smoothness of overprint and paper feeding. Enterprises with conditions can achieve better results by using air conditioners or air humidifiers. If there are no conditions, they can improve the printability of paper by watering and drying paper

6) when printing thin paper, it is better to print a little faster, and the paper receiving system and paper feeding system will be more stable

generally speaking, a machine with a maximum machine speed of 10000 prints/hour is better if the speed is set at about 6500 prints/hour, which will be used for the national "863" key high-tech research project undertaken by a Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation; For a high-speed machine with 15000 prints/hour, it is better to set the printing speed at 9500 prints/hour

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