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Li Jun, chief technician of haihuayi acrylic acid Co., Ltd.: keep in mind the details of the valve to achieve the gold medal senior sister

the number of valves in the factory is tens of thousands, but Li Jun can keep the position and adjustment range of each valve in mind and command with ease. His colleagues joked that "as long as it is commanded by Li Jun, even a fool can do a good job"

entering Shanghai Huayi acrylic acid Co., Ltd., there is a name that everyone knows in the company. In more than 20 years, she grew from an ordinary technical school graduate to the chief technician of the company. She is Li Jun, the national model worker of Huayi acrylic acid Co., Ltd. and the representative of the 18th CPC National Congress. As a recognized "gold medal elder martial sister", its summarized "Li Jun operation method" is pasted on the wall of each workshop. But in her opinion, learning is endless "My goal is to surpass Li Jun on the wall, which only represents myself in the past."

often toss "as long as she commands, a fool can do a good job"

wearing a white helmet, blue overalls, ponytails, glasses, in the workshop, the thin Li Jun is not remarkable. But in the eyes of colleagues around, Li Jun is undoubtedly the "first sister" in the workshop. From September 1992 to October 2008, she has been working as an internal operator in the front-line operation position of the production workshop for 16 years

in those days, after arriving at the post every day, Li Jun would check the operation trend chart of the night shift related system of the previous day, and learn about the production situation from the staff on duty, and then determine the general direction and focus of the inspection in mind in combination with the weak links on the plant site. In addition, she also monitors and adjusts the production line through the data on the display screen, which is covered with various data indicators, but Li Jun can know the best parameters of each item

in order to explore the best operation state of the system, Li Jun, who was the internal operator at that time, often "tossed" external operators (external operators). When the parameters of the display screen are abnormal, the internal operator needs to command the external operator to go to the workshop site for manual adjustment, and the external operator who has worked with Li Jun said that he may be sent to the site for 8 hours a shift. "When there is a small fluctuation in the data, she wants us to confirm it again and again, running to the scene again and again. Sometimes we joke that she 'does'." Shen Lei, who has worked with Li Jun for many years, said that although it would be a little tiring to work with Li Jun, it would also be more reassuring

there are tens of thousands of valves in the factory, but Li Jun can keep the position and adjustment range of each valve in mind and command with ease. Colleagues joked that "as long as Li Jun commands, even a fool can do a good job"

in July 2004, the first 30000 ton acrylic acid plant with independent intellectual property rights in China was completed and put into trial operation, but the equipment was abnormal as soon as it was in operation. The company immediately dispatched Li Jun to operate. After arriving at the post, Li Jun immediately checked the process operation procedures, inquired about the problems that had just occurred during the start-up (starting the equipment), and immediately made adjustments. The one-time commissioning on the same day was successful

on the Mid Autumn Festival in 2009, another device built by acrylic acid company relying on independent intellectual property rights was put into operation. It was Li Jun who guided and helped the operators to feed in the operation room, which also achieved a successful start-up

re accumulation "keeping stable and safe production is the greatest"

excellent business ability comes from continuous accumulation at ordinary times. According to Li Jun's memory, at the beginning of doing internal exercises, because there was no master arranged in the unit, the internal exercises had to constantly explore their experience by learning from each other. At that time, the unit issued a work manual to record the daily work content, so as to facilitate the handover between internal operations. In addition to recording his work, Li Jun also listed the problems encountered in his daily work one by one in the manual. As soon as he had the opportunity, he "stared" at the leaders and technicians and asked, "if others remember the time of a manual, I may have written twoorthree."

by constantly asking questions, Li Jun gradually realized the accumulation of theoretical knowledge, but in practice, she still encountered problems when she was a beginner. Li Jun still remembers that he can detect the torque, maximum torque, axial tension and other indicators of bolts and nuts. When he first encountered a sudden power failure, "the sudden power failure around 1:30 in the middle of the night caused the device to stop running. At that time, the whole person was covered. Using the walkie talkie akulon XS not only has good mechanical strength, puncture resistance and barrier performance, but also his hands have been shaking when contacting colleagues."

finally, with the help of colleagues, the scene was stabilized. That incident made Li Jun realize that it is far from enough to stay at the theoretical level, and it also needs to check and fill the gaps in practice. Afterwards, Li Jun specially combed his disposal method against the data, looked for loopholes and reflected

it is understood that the acrylic acid production unit, like all chemical production, has complex process technology. In the material reaction, an inadvertent device will have an interlocking reaction. Not only is it very troublesome to clean the materials, but the shutdown will lose millions of yuan of output value and hundreds of thousands of yuan of profit a day. "Compared with other industries, our industry may not have so many stories to tell. For us, it is the biggest to maintain stable and safe production. It highlights an objective advantage." after that, in his internal operation career of more than 10 years, Li added a new wide molecular weight dispersed multi polymer to polypropylene composites, and Jun never made an operation mistake again

"Aunt Li" "we should not only shoulder the team, but also care about every employee"

in each workshop of Shanghai Huayi acrylic acid Co., Ltd., the "Li Jun work method" is posted on the wall at the entrance. This set of work rules named after Li Jun stems from Li Jun's summary of daily work. Every new employee will hone their skill level according to this set of working methods. Although there are only a dozen apprentices signed with Li Jun, other employees often say that Li Jun is the master of all of them

in 2012, the company established "Li Jun technician studio", whose responsibility is to "organize and gather more than 20 technicians from the production line and machine repair, electrical, instrument and other departments, integrate the technical operation resources in the whole production process, jointly discuss the process transformation and upgrading of the enterprise, and provide training for new employees". Whenever the studio starts classes, Li Jun will come to the scene to share his work experience with you. Li Jun believes that sharing experience is a process of mutual assistance, and it is also an improvement of his ability

Li Jun is straightforward, and he treats his disciples as highly as he demands of himself. According to Gu runlin, Li Jun's apprentice, several apprentices were even scolded and cried by their master on the spot. Although he was strict with his disciples, Gu runlin said that he really gained a lot from following Li Jun. "Influenced by the master, now each of us will bring a pamphlet to record problems in our work." Today, most of Li Jun's apprentices have obtained senior work certificates, and some have even begun to take their own apprentices

Li Jun is meticulous and unfriendly at work, but she is a "warm-hearted aunt" in life. Jin Yongling, who worked as an internal exercise with Li Jun, told that last year, when her father was hospitalized, Li Jun would come to ask about the progress of treatment at regular intervals, and would also send condolences from time to time. As Li Jun's warm-hearted affair spread widely in the unit, everyone gradually changed her name to "Aunt Li"

as the Secretary of the Party branch of the workshop, Li Jun bluntly said that compared with the past, he felt stronger, "before, he thought more about how to complete a job. Now it's different. He should not only shoulder the team, but also care about every workshop employee."

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