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Qinghua Li, chairman of yuejing group: the paper industry has at least three to five years of bull market

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Qinghua Li, graduated from South China University of technology, majored in machinery, but was well versed in marketing principles. In 1995, he joined the paper industry and founded yuejing company. Starting from being an agent of imported paper, it merged state-owned paper mills into the upper reaches of the papermaking chain, built a forest pulp paper integrated group by enclosure and afforestation, and the four related industries went hand in hand. After several beautiful turns, yuejing group became the leading manufacturer of cultural paper in Guangdong Province, and was rated as a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province, a model taxpayer in Guangdong Province, and one of the top 100 private enterprises in Guangdong Province. Li Qinghua won the title of outstanding entrepreneur in Guangdong Province and the top ten entrepreneurial stars in Guangzhou, becoming a bright star among private entrepreneurs

yuejing group currently has a total asset of 1.85 billion yuan, with more than 3000 employees and more than 1300 professional and technical personnel. Li Qinghua's next goal is to become one of the top ten in China's paper industry within five years, and to spin off and list several major industries within two to three years

the logo of yuejing group is a windmill composed of four letters P, representing the four main businesses of pulp, paper, ink printing ink and printing. When Li Qinghua, chairman of yuejing group, resolutely broke into the paper industry in 1995, he was a 25-year-old student who had just stepped out of school and had a dream. After 13 years, his company expanded up and down and fully penetrated the entire paper industry chain, growing into China's first large paper group integrating forestry, pulping, papermaking and printing ink, the largest producer of cultural paper in Guangdong, and one of the world's two major producers of special stamp paper. Li Qinghua has a special liking for the paper industry, which is a sunrise industry that will never fail. In the face of the recent rising market of paper products, he told in an interview that the paper industry has at least three to five years of bull market

the high point of paper prices is far from reaching with the increasing impact of LFG on the energy industry

Yangcheng Evening News: paper prices have continued to rise since last year. What do you think of the future market

Li Qinghua: at present, the prices of various resources are rising, and the increase of gold price of oil price is times. It is also an important resource. The price of pulp has only increased by 30% - 40%, and there is still huge room for growth in the future. At that time, the price of coated paper in China was once as high as 15000 yuan per ton, and the current price is only about 8000 yuan. The high point of paper price is far away in the future

in the past few years, the national environmental protection requirements have been continuously improved. For this reason, more than 5000 small paper mills have been shut down, vacating the annual production capacity of 5million tons. At the same time, the domestic demand for various paper products is rising, the original balance of supply and demand has been broken, and the gap between supply and demand has formed a strong support for the upward rise of paper prices. The approaching Olympic Games has led to a rising demand for paper for product packaging, rising international commodity prices and the depreciation of the US dollar, which are also the boosters for the continuous strengthening of the paper market

we have achieved Forest Pulp paper integration, reaching as far as Heilongjiang and Liaoning, and also obtained 500000 mu of forest land in Guangxi to plant bamboo and Eucalyptus self supplied raw materials. Only by large-scale operation of the whole industrial chain can we win competitive advantage

environmental protection technology decisive battle for the future

Yangcheng Evening News: it is said that papermaking pollution is large, and will the future development of this industry be limited by this

liqinghua: papermaking has always given people the impression that it is a black industry with cross flow of sewage. In fact, at present, the treatment technology of black liquor is quite mature, and the waste water of yuejing group can even be used for fish farming after treatment. Our environmental protection investment accounts for 30% of the total investment, and the COD emission is far below the upper limit of the national standard by 3 times

Yangcheng Evening News: will a large amount of environmental protection investment drag down the development of the paper industry

Li Qinghua: on the contrary, the greater the investment in environmental protection, the greater the benefit. The alkali recovery workshop we invested heavily is actually a chemical plant that turns waste into treasure

core technology creates profits

Yangcheng Evening News: does the paper industry need to introduce brands for competition

Li Qinghua: when yuejing company acted as the agent of Indonesia Yancang group in 1995, it registered the trademark of Vincent that the 3.2 experimental machine should be equipped with appropriate fixtures, and the plasticity decline was later rated as a famous trademark of Guangdong Province. At that time, we sold imported Indonesian white cardboard with our own brand, and Yancang group became our OEM supplier instead. This move has far-reaching significance for us to occupy the market

homogenization is the most taboo in paper industry competition. We have the core patented technology of producing anti-counterfeiting stamp special paper, and there are few manufacturers of high-tech stamp special paper in the world. Our one ton stamp paper can sell for 30000 yuan, and the core technology has brought profits three or four times higher. Compared with foreign products, our cost-effective advantages have attracted more and more countries to use our paper as stamps. (our newspaper yaozhide Intern chenxingyun)

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