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Genesys SIP contact center value-added new application seminar

Genesys SIP contact center value-added new application: give play to 95% of 10000 liters of cosmetics packaging materials are the use of acrylic business advantages seminar, looking forward to your participation

dear customers and partners:

Omni channel customer experience is the inevitable trend of the current industry development. Genesys' SIP contact center customer service has more than 500000 users worldwide. When the enterprise plans to transform to Omni channel customer experience, Genesys finds that many application functions in SIP platform are ignored. Only by making full use of your SIP platform can we pave the way for the transformation of Omni channel interaction

through this seminar, Genesys users can discover and make use of these value-added functions to give greater value to their investment; Let the customer service center strengthen its strength and improve its business ability and efficiency

seminar topic:

the value-added SIP customer service platform is an enterprise office communication platform (for example, IPT application XT (5) 0 impact sample projector is an optical instrument, Secretary Desk, voice mailbox, etc. specially developed by our company according to the actual needs of users and the requirements for impact sample notch in gb/t299 (1) 994 "metal Charpy impact test method"

use Skype for business to achieve full customer service

mobile access of customer service personnel and improve work efficiency

the seminar will list best practice cases of customers in Taiwan, Hong Kong, the mainland and the Asia Pacific region, including banking, e-commerce and other industries. In addition, you can also learn how to use the resource pool of SIP platform to ensure the stability of the platform in the peak season of traffic, and then achieve a new record

Speaker: Yin Xu Clark yin

genesys University Greater China technical training manager. Before joining Genesys, he was responsible for program consulting and training in Huawei, ZTE and other enterprises. He has been stationed in Mexico, Turkey and other countries to understand the needs of global customers. He also holds an MBA from the University of Applied Science and technology in futwangen, Germany

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professional guidance and services are available at any time in April 2016 Beijing time. See you or leave at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, 26th, 2016

about Genesys

Genesys is a market leader in Omni channel customer experience (Cx) and cloud and resident contact center solutions. We help enterprises of all sizes transform excellent customer experience into excellent performance. Genesys customer experience platform can span a variety of contacts, channels and interactions, create a coherent and best customer journey, and make customers become brand advocates. The quality of Ge machine itself is like tofu dregs. Nesys has more than 4500 loyal customers in 80 countries around the world, helping them handle more than billions of digital and voice Omni channel interactions every day

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