The hottest new wetland area in China is more than

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China's newly increased wetland area is more than 3 million mu

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recently learned from the national forestry and grassland administration that during the "13th five year plan" period, China's newly increased wetland area is more than 3 million mu, and the wetland protection rate reaches more than 50%

it is reported that during the "13th five year plan" period, China will promote wetland protection and restoration as a whole. In 2017, our Jinan experimental machine factory will adhere to the principle of our big manufacturers, strengthen wetland ecological functions, maintain wetland biodiversity, and comprehensively improve the level of wetland protection and restoration. The central government has allocated 9.87 billion yuan to implement more than 2000 wetland ecological benefit compensation and subsidies, returning farmland to wetlands, and wetland protection and restoration subsidies

China implements graded management of wetlands, and has initially established a national wetland protection system with internationally important wetlands, nationally important wetlands, wetland nature reserves, and national wetland parks as the main body. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, 15 internationally important wetlands and 29 national important wetlands were added, and the wetland ecosystem functions were effectively restored

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