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The new U.S. regulations restrict the export of AI software, which will take effect next Monday for China

the new U.S. regulations restrict the export of AI software, which will take effect next Monday for China

time: January 5, 2020 15:44:55 Zhongcai on Friday, the trump administration suddenly issued a regulation aimed at restricting the export of AI software, and the new regulations will take effect tomorrow

today, according to Reuters and other overseas media reports, the trump government took measures to restrict the export of AI software in China and other countries on Friday (January 3), and the new regulations will take effect on January 6

in the report, Reuters wrote, "according to the new regulations that will take effect on Monday, American companies exporting certain geospatial imaging software must apply for a license before they can send the above software overseas (except Canada)."

restricting the export of such AI software is one of the means for the United States to prevent sensitive technologies from being mastered by rival countries

according to the document, the target recognition software (whether civil or military) applied to intelligent sensors, unmanned aerial vehicles, satellites and other automatic equipment is within the limit

this decree was issued by the Bureau of industry and security (BIS) under the U.S. Department of Commerce. The agency aims to ensure the implementation of an effective export control and treaty compliance system to ensure the national security of the United States, promote the implementation of foreign policy and economic goals, and ensure the following specific performance characteristics of the United States Strategic Technology: the "continuous leadership" of technology

previously, there was a widespread dispute that the hydraulic universal testing machine is a kind of hydraulic material testing machine that can easily cause small piston damage and oil leakage to carry out tension, contraction and zigzag experiments. The "entity list" of import and export control regulations affecting Huawei, ZTE and other domestic technology companies is also the full responsibility of BIS. In May 2019, the US Department of Commerce added Huawei and other Chinese companies and institutions to the "entity list", and then included Haikang, UOB, Kuangshi and other companies in the list in October

James Lewis, vice president and senior network security researcher of CSIS, an American think tank, said that this regulation may be welcomed by the industry because they were worried that the export of most AI hardware and software would suffer a wider blow

according to public documents issued by the U.S. government, geospatial image software in the new regulations refers to software "specially designed" for training deep neural networks to automatically analyze geospatial images and point clouds. Such software includes the following features:

it provides a graphical user interface, enabling users to identify targets (such as vehicles, houses, etc.) from geospatial images and point clouds, so as to extract positive and negative samples of objects of interest

reduce pixel changes by normalizing the size, color and rotation of the front samples

train deep convolution neural network to detect interested targets from positive and negative samples

using the trained deep convolution neural network, the rotation pattern in the front sample is matched with the rotation pattern of the target in the geospatial image, so as to identify the target in the geospatial image

technical description: point cloud is a set of data points defined by a given coordinate system. Point clouds are also considered digital surface models

The definition of restricted "software" in the


this is the first measure issued by the US Department of commerce under a legal authorization in 2018. The law requires the Ministry of Commerce to formulate rules for filters with infarct instigators and strengthen the supervision of the export of sensitive technologies in order to protect the interests of the U.S. economy and security

Reuters also pointed out that the regulation only takes effect in the United States, but later, "the U.S. authorities may submit it to other international institutions to create a fair global competition environment."

At the same time, overseas media also said that Republicans and Democrats in the United States are increasingly disappointed with the slow implementation of export control rules. Chuck Schumer, the minority leader of the Democratic Senate, urged the Ministry of Commerce to speed up this process

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