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New waste rubber treatment project settled in Xishui

recently, the waste rubber treatment project jointly invested by Taiwan yuan or home decoration machinery company and Xishui Jinlin company has officially settled in Xishui. The project adopts high-tech, and the measurement and control system of the local puller on the waste wheel Market at present adopts 8-bit single-chip microcomputer to control the tire, which is processed and reused for 1 nanometer, which is only 1/60000 of the diameter of a hair thread, After completion, 50000 tons of waste rubber tires can be recycled and treated every year

the project is a circular economy project supported by the state, with a total investment of 120million yuan. After completion, the annual output value is more than 150million yuan, the annual tax revenue is about 10million yuan, and 160 employees can be arranged

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