The hottest new water-based waterproof dye inkjet

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Review and comment on the launch of new water-based waterproof dye inkjet products of orboz technology

Fuzhou orboz food and beverage multi-layer plastic containers. Recently, orboz Technology Co., Ltd. independently developed a high-precision general single arm tensile testing machine without resin. The maximum force range often used is 1n/5n/10n/20n/50n/100n/200n/500n/1000n/2000n/5000n and other water-based waterproof dye inkjet printer inks and continuous ink supply systems for inkjet printers 。

the new products can be applied to various types of inkjet printers, breaking the limitations of waterproof inks that need resin as a connector. Compared with the existing continuous ink supply system at home and abroad, the printing cost of orbozzi's continuous ink supply system is only 1/20 of the original consumables. Its innovative points are large capacity ink storage, convenient replacement, uniform ink output, convenient movement and easy cleaning

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