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The construction of new urbanization will be the engine to drive the growth of coatings

the construction of new urbanization will be the engine to drive the growth of coatings

after the 18th CPC National Congress on January 8, 2013

[China coatings information], China's decision-making level vigorously promoted Urbanization: "actively and steadily promote urbanization", "the greatest development potential in the next few decades is urbanization" "Urbanization is the focus of next year"... The central economic work conference held recently also clearly pointed out that urbanization is the historical task of China's modernization and the greatest potential for expanding domestic demand

experts in economics believe that with the development of urbanization, it will directly drive the development of infrastructure, real estate, transportation and other systems, which can increase the investment demand of 40 trillion yuan and effectively stimulate domestic demand. From the perspective of paint market demand, paint, as a supporting material for real estate and infrastructure facilities, the state proposes to vigorously develop new urbanization, which will also stimulate the paint market demand

however, can new urbanization become a new consumption growth point of China's coating industry? What problems will coating enterprises encounter when tapping the consumption potential of new urbanization? In the process of new urbanization in the future, what major changes will take place in the investment structure of coating enterprises? Which coating categories will benefit the most? How should coating enterprises make adjustments? Facing many problems, this newspaper will try to uncover the answers for you from all angles

has the coating industry of track raw materials, locomotive chemicals and cable raw materials been "saved" by the new policy

at the meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held on December 4, when analyzing and studying the economic work in 2013, it was clearly put forward that "actively and steadily promote urbanization and orderly promote the citizenization of agricultural transfer population". In the article "releasing the dividends of reform" published on the front page of the learning times, which is in charge of the Party School of the CPC Central Committee on December 3, Chi Fulin, President of the China (Hainan) reform and Development Research Institute, wrote that the new urban population will reach about 400million in the next 10 years. According to a lower caliber, the urbanization of migrant workers can also increase the investment demand of 40 trillion yuan based on the per capita fixed asset investment of 100000 yuan. Recently, a series of policies to boost consumption have begun to take shape, and promoting urbanization, developing the service industry and developing the central and western regions are still the future policy priorities. The clear message from this is that urbanization will be the new driving force of economic growth in China in the future, and urbanization will also be an important starting point for economic work next year. In this regard, people in the paint industry have also said that the paint industry will benefit from the new urbanization policy proposed by the central government

the coating industry urgently needs to find new market demand points

since 2011, affected by the macro-economy and real estate, including the development of automobile, shipping, home appliances, furniture and other industries in a more intuitive way, our current development has also been affected, resulting in insufficient effective demand in China's coating market, coupled with the continuous rise of various operating costs, many coating enterprises clearly feel that 2012 is "hard"

according to Chen Huiting, general manager of Guangdong Huilong coating Co., Ltd., since the financial storm in 2008, the growth rate of civil coatings in China has slowed down, and the performance of civil coatings was the worst in 2012. "This year, the furniture industry is facing a severe situation, and furniture paint has also been affected. Although the sales growth rate of our enterprise has reached nearly 30% this year, the enterprise profit is flat. Similarly, as a building coating, affected by national policies and real estate regulation, the market demand has also decreased significantly."

"in 2012, affected by the national macro-economy and real estate regulation, the investment in the whole real estate market slowed down. As a downstream of the real estate industry, coating, furniture, household appliances and other supporting industries were strongly impacted, and the demand for coating market decreased significantly." Liu Fang, director of the decoration paint business department of Guangdong Hongchang Chemical Co., Ltd., told this newspaper, "the decline in market demand, including some large coating enterprises at home and abroad, is not immune, and life is difficult. Not only does the sales volume slip at any time, but also the profits are very small, and even there are losses."

with the decline of market demand, where will the coating industry look for demand next year? Recently, the central government's new policy has given the answer, that is, new urbanization, that is, domestic demand

China has a huge market of 1.3 billion people. In the coming period, with the increase of residents' income and the acceleration of consumption upgrading, the domestic market demand is bound to change more. Experts predict that doubling the per capita income of urban and rural residents in China will release a purchasing power of 64 trillion yuan, which is not only a huge market demand, but also a market demand full of changes and can constantly urge the optimization and upgrading of industries. In the process of cultivating and forming new consumption hotspots, our enterprises can be described as infinite business opportunities. And the biggest domestic demand lies in urbanization. Every 1 percentage point increase in China's urbanization rate will drive more than 100 billion yuan of consumer demand, and the corresponding increase in investment demand will be more. At present, the total number of migrant workers in China has reached 240million, of which about 150million are migrant workers. There is still a considerable amount of surplus labor in rural areas, and urbanization has at least 10, 20 years or even longer to go. Even against the backdrop of a long-term downturn in the world economy, our urbanization can still provide strong impetus and support for the sustained and healthy development of the economy

as one of the downstream industries in the real estate market, the development of the coating industry is also significantly affected by the real estate industry, the most significant of which is architectural coatings. Therefore, from the perspective of paint market demand, as a supporting material for real estate and infrastructure facilities, the state proposes to vigorously develop new urbanization, which will promote the development of coating related supporting industries such as real estate and infrastructure facilities. At that time, the coating industry will also benefit from urbanization

urbanization stimulates the demand of coating market

in the future, accelerating urbanization will become another highlight of China's economic development. Many coating enterprises also expressed great concern about this, and said that urbanization will bring new historical opportunities to coating enterprises

Su Zhongjun, chairman and general manager of the Three Gorges project, said that urbanization is undoubtedly another major opportunity for the development of the Three Gorges Project in Chongqing. In order to turn opportunities into productivity, the company has established a subsidiary of architectural coatings. The goal is to meet the huge market demand for architectural coating products created in public rental housing and new urban construction

"dressing up China is inseparable from environment-friendly paint products. The acceleration of China's urbanization construction is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for China's economic development, which breeds huge business opportunities." Su Zhongjun, chairman of the board, said that as an enterprise with a history of engaging in paint and coating for decades, Yu San 1) the friction resistance gap of the main engine has mature production technology, advanced product technology, and strong market grasp and market development ability. The company will give full play to its advantages and core competitiveness, and optimize the allocation of enterprise resources by using the powerful platform of the capital market and capital operation means

"a large number of funds are still pouring into urbanization concept stocks. Urbanization is a medium and long-term good for the economy and capital market. It is expected to become the target of capital pursuit for a long time, especially building materials, machinery and equipment, real estate, public utilities, commercial commodities, etc. will significantly benefit." According to the analysis of professionals, the construction of new urbanization has clarified the direction of domestic economic investment and future development, and accelerated the start of domestic tertiary and tertiary market consumption

as for the national policy of vigorously developing new urbanization, Chen Huiting also said: "in fact, ten years ago, I believed that second and third tier cities would dominate China's domestic demand market, and this time the central government proposed new urbanization, which is of great significance to China's coating industry and will effectively stimulate the demand of the coating market." Chen Huiting analyzed that the previous bosses with surplus funds were speculating in real estate, which was speculation rather than investment, so there was a real estate foam. However, the third and fourth tier market is relatively normal. This is a market without speculation. The best market since the financial crisis is the third and fourth tier market, "this is a new growth point for the coating industry in the future."

some analysts estimated that in the early stage of accelerated development with urbanization rate of 30%-50%, the proportion of infrastructure investment showed a rapid upward trend, and when the urbanization rate increased to more than 50%, the proportion of infrastructure investment growth began to stabilize. From the development history of Japan and South Korea, with the urbanization rate rising to a certain level, the infrastructure investment structure will gradually change from traditional building materials to urban supporting new building materials. In addition, from the history of international building materials giants' expansion of their new building materials business, we also found that the expansion and new construction of new building materials business are mainly concentrated in countries with urbanization rates higher than 60%

Zhao Ping, deputy director of the consumption economy research department of the Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, believes that from the perspective of cultivating new consumption growth points with strong pulling force, once the citizenization of the agricultural transfer population accelerates, it will inevitably stimulate these new citizens to consume in housing, decoration, household appliances and other aspects

these "upgrading" consumption is obviously the mainstream of expanding domestic demand in the next stage, and building materials, as the "main force", will naturally have demand. Liu Fang, director of decoration paint business department of Guangdong Hongchang Chemical Co., Ltd., also expressed the same view, "The central government's efforts to promote the construction of new urbanization will inevitably stimulate the market consumption of housing, decoration, furniture and so on; in addition, the new urbanization will also help China's real estate market strengthen, and then the real estate will get a new round of development. As a kind of coating products mainly used for housing decoration, the market development of architectural coatings is closely related to the development of the real estate industry, and coatings will also benefit from it. It can be said that the new urbanization will be the consumption of coatings New growth points. "

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