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Unicom "Wo" business mobile video informatization new "vision"

in the current enterprise informatization application, the main media forms are text, pictures, etc. What are the technical points and applications of the visual relaxation testing machine? The frequency has a large amount of data transmission and requires high network bandwidth and management level. With the popularity of WCDMA wireless broadband network, video applications will develop rapidly. China Unicom mobile video service is based on 3G high-speed and stable bandwidth, which can realize multi-point hybrid access to video conference system for mobile devices such as mobile computers and laptops; Support point-to-point video call function with and fixed video; At the same time, it has the functions of video on demand and live broadcast of various terminals. In traditional video conference applications, mobile video conference services can be realized by embedding mobile video system platform in the terminal, which can be widely used in video conference application fields such as government, finance and group enterprises; In the customer relationship management system, through the introduction of video communication, realize the face-to-face communication between service personnel and customers, which can essentially improve the quality of service; On sale, the T-shaped screw pair is driven to drive the load sensor to rise and fall after the speed change mechanism slows down. Customers can remotely view the items they are ready to buy through the mobile video application; In the field of supply chain management, video application can realize emergency tracking, regular inspection and other work through video on the basis of product quantity, inventory and other data management

every change of network technology has led the information construction to jump into a new stage of development. Through continuous efforts, Unicom "Wo" business is providing personal, meticulous and efficient information services for industry users, realizing the informatization of portable to meet the rapidly growing passenger transport demand, expanding the depth and breadth of informatization application of industry users, driving informatization into the 3G Application era, and realizing the informatization application at any time, anywhere and anytime. CCID China informatization ()

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