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A new way to solve the power supply problem of the electrolytic aluminum industry

aluminum is the first non-ferrous metal, and its output is second only to steel in all metals, but its production consumes huge power. In 2006, China's electrolytic aluminum output was 9.35 million tons, the comprehensive AC power consumption was 146.71 million kwh, and the total power consumption was 137.2 billion kw, accounting for 4.9% of the total power consumption of the country, while the total output value was less than 1% of the national GDP. Therefore, electrolytic aluminum has become the leading high energy consumption industry, Power source and guaranteed supply are the lifeblood of electrolytic aluminum industry

in recent years, with the continuous rise of coal prices and the implementation of the national policy of energy conservation and emission reduction to limit high energy consumption, the electricity price of the electrolytic aluminum industry is higher than the ordinary electricity price, resulting in a sharp decline in industrial profits. From the perspective of long-term development, the continuous upward trend of electricity price will continue. Under this situation, actively exploring new ways of power sources for the electrolytic aluminum industry will have a universal, realistic and long-term impact. Wind power generation is an important part of the new energy industry. China is rich in wind energy resources. There are abundant wind energy resources in the vast areas of the coastal, northeast, northwest and inland hinterland mountainous areas where electrolytic aluminum enterprises are widely distributed. However, it is not feasible to directly purchase the power generated by existing wind turbines, because its electricity price is much higher than the existing coal power

the latest invention technology of the joint wind turbine is to set multiple long diamond shaped wind turbine generator units (hereinafter referred to as the wind turbine units) in parallel and jointly. Therefore, on both sides of each long diamond shaped unit set in adjacent intervals, a wind accumulation over-flow channel formed by the air distribution of the wind turbine room and its mutual influence on the wind accumulation can be formed, forming the effect of mutual wind accumulation. The blades of the vertical double paddle wheel wind wheel are just side by side in the wind gathering flow passage, so that the gathered wind can continuously tangential impact the maximum torque of the paddle wheel wind wheel, and promote its rotation to form the maximum output capacity conversion

the air distribution unit is 7. The functional attachment of the experimental instrument and the experimental instrument related to the experimental instrument; It is composed of vertical double paddle wheel and wind wheel, and can be combined with each other through units set in parallel, so that several units can realize the integrated output situation of joint linkage. The equipment room (air distribution engine room) of the unit can be naturally formed through the two-way merging of the rhombic air gathering inclined plane. The wind distribution engine room is a completely fixed form facing the wind direction. Its wind control method is to use the characteristics of the natural wind path moving back and forth in a straight line, and adapt to the overall change of the wind direction through the adjustment and change of the forward and reverse rotation directions of the propeller wheel and the wind wheel. Because the wind gathering channel has the function of downwind, the propeller wheel and the wind wheel have no special strict requirements for the wind direction, so when the wind direction deviates from the main line direction from the left and right at a small angle, It will not have any impact on the operation of the unit; Through the combined action of wind separation and gathering, linkage output, impeller diameter, height and blade surface, it can make the super large power design of a single machine more than 10-100 MW a reality. Through its umbrella blade expansion and control system, it can simply, accurately, quickly and effectively regulate the extension of each blade of the impeller, and realize the control of breeze start, wind frequency modulation and brake force reduction, And it can effectively eliminate the typhoon and drive the stable development of enterprises; Lite nano graphene, Tianyu crystal materials and other cutting-edge new materials have a significant impact on the innovation results. Through the parallel setting and regulation of multiple generator units, the unit can make full use of breeze and strong wind power generation, realize the integration of many new advantages such as high-power and low-cost maintenance, and form a series of products with different specifications and powers

the wind power generated is directly transmitted to electrolytic aluminum enterprises, and wind power generation is incorporated into the national public power transmission. However, it is difficult in technology, control and implementation, high equipment cost and many departments involved. In addition, compared with the power index of public electricity, the power index requirements applied to the electrolytic aluminum industry have particularity, such as the requirements for frequency, DC transmission, etc., and its index can be significantly reduced. Therefore, it has many outstanding advantages and long-term benefits to adopt the independent construction of transmission lines between wind power plants and electrolytic aluminum enterprises for independent large-scale direct transmission. The United Wind Turbine with mature prospects and benefits provides a solid guarantee of technical capacity for the above assumption. After the completion of the construction, the wind power equipment can operate in a largely cost-free state for a long time; Therefore, it can make the electricity price of wind power lower than that of coal power; The direct transmission of wind power to electrolytic aluminum enterprises not only provides a more simple and specific feasible implementation guarantee, but also will further reduce its power price. China is a big country in electrolytic aluminum production and export. If China's electrolytic aluminum enterprises adopt wind power without any consumption and pollution emissions on a large scale, it will not only be the basis of long-term huge benefits, greatly increase the competitiveness of products, but also make an inestimable contribution to the overall goal of energy conservation and emission reduction in the eleventh five year plan

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