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After the launch of version 20134.0, Tencent encountered an unprecedented embarrassing situation. A version that is considered to be facing the "mobile era" was "badly commented" by more than 40000 friends, and more than 90% of friends think that the pace is too big to pull the egg...

it is not clear how Tencent handles this tide of bad comments, and it is firmly on the road of "innovation", Or to respond to the complaints of friends, I don't know whether Tencent can give feedback quickly; This should be the first time Tencent has encountered such a situation in these years (the 3Q war has not yet had such a one-sided voice), especially the version of its core products. Although it once referred to the adverse mobility in response, such a rebound in public opinion can not be entirely blamed on the "users" 'incomprehension

user base and user inertia are so large that Tencent can't even use a general product to connect all terminals:

- there are 500 million users, of which a considerable number are from PC terminals

- the age group of users may be from teenagers to sixties and seventies, from the front line to towns and even overseas

- there are at least dozens of versions, spanning IOS, Android and other intelligent machines and functional machines

- it is also profitable, including value-added, super and sp. its business model has been built well

in the past year, it has been questioned by the outside world that it can't keep up with the development of mobility, and it is slightly conservative compared with that, but the actual situation may be that Ma Huateng publicly said that the number of users and activity are higher than that

why the new version is sprayed? You can see it on the Internet. I won't go into details here, but the personal experience is objectively a little more "mobile", but it is too different from the previous version and PC end. Although it is still the new version of IOS end at present, trying to challenge the "experience habits" of hundreds of millions of users is undoubtedly a "World War" for any Internet product

similarly, it is not a special case that the product revision is opposed, even resisted and criticized by users. Looking at the Internet industry at home and abroad, whether it is BBS, blog, SNS or even Weibo, the revision will always touch the "habits" of the original users and suffer various challenges - this is the war, checks and balances, and counter checks and balances between product managers and users that have always existed, It is said that every product manager thinks that they can make products that shock and brighten the eyes of users. However, the reality is often that users will give product managers a slap in the face, "Ya and blind revision":

- portal, take Yahoo as an example. Looking back on the first page revision of Yahoo for so many years, we can basically sort out the development history of Internet for nearly 20 years, and the latest revision is radical. The unrestricted delivery function is also more social and mobile than the home page of the four major domestic portals. However, under the trend of the passing of Yahoo, the public does not have much voice for this revision (at least domestic public opinion)

-bbs, take Tianya as an example. Every revision of Tianya will cause a rebound of friends. Most of Tianya's friends are used to the style of introduction and single forum function, but these have also restricted Tianya's business exploration. In the continuous revision and criticism of friends, Tianya has experienced blog fever, SNS fever and microblogging fever, and gradually become an "antique" station, which is large enough and a typical representative without momentum

- as the most successful product in the blog era, digg was not only a star class Internet product in those years, but also a term for dial-up, "Digg is gone" was once a buzzword for Americans; As time goes by, digg's number of users, popularity and activity have long been much lower than before; Reviewing the history of Digg, There is no doubt that several radical revisions are very important reasons: "

"Digg, every once in a while, will make a major revision that is basically different from the previous one. Each time, the senior staff of Digg team will promise that the new version will solve a large number of thorny outstanding problems that should be loosened. For example, the ranking fairness mentioned above will almost always be in the commitment list. However, after the real revision, users will be disappointed to find that the said improvement effect is very little, and they will adapt to it for a long time Out of the habit of using is often completely broken, need to start all over again

such dissatisfaction broke out in the fourth major revision of Digg in August 2010. During the fourth major revision, digg almost completely changed the previous design and use process, stuffed a large number of social related new features, but removed a number of well-known basic features that are crucial to the product. It even includes the most basic bury function. Angry users chose to vote with their hands and feet. On the one hand, users worked together to repeatedly put the news of their direct competitor reddit on the Digg homepage, on the other hand, a large number of users directly left Digg and went to reddit

after this revision, reddit grew rapidly, while Digg quickly declined and never recovered. "

- the evaluation and effect of the revision of SNS can be ice and fire. Compare the revision of Myspace and Facebook:

a in analyzing the reasons why MySpace failed, it is often mentioned that the performance is poor, the product innovation is slow, and the connivance to users

b in contrast, Facebook is the other extreme. Zuckerberg's most famous point is that the so-called "subversive subversive companies do not need to listen to the views of users". Therefore, over the years, Facebook has changed its version against its friends, and many times, friends even said they would launch Facebook, Data shows that "in a certain F, Chapter 4" combustion performance level ", Chapter 5" combustion performance level criteria ", and chapter 6.1" combustion performance level identification "voted for the revision of the forced performance standard on the acebook. Of the 1million votes, more than 94% of the participants opposed the first page of the new revision, and there were nearly 600000 relevant comments", which is a lot more opposition than this time, But Zuckerberg, a young man known as the Internet Caesar, resisted the pressure every time, which created the legend of Facebook's onebillion users. For more popular products at the beginning, the revision is almost a decisive battle, either abandoned or liked by more people; Complacent, even the slow-paced Douban will not be silent for a long time without revision. So, the upgrading and revision of almost every Internet product is a war between "product managers" and "users". This war exists in the Internet space regardless of size and field, and there are few products that can obtain high praise such as "several previous upgrades and revisions"; Or it's more reasonable to say that the probability of getting good reviews for the upgrading and revision of new products is still very high; Any revision of a product used by a large number of users will face harsh "pickiness" from users. This war has its pros and cons. For Internet products, it is important to meet the needs of users to start the preparations for signing a bilateral free trade agreement as soon as possible, but it is more important to guide the needs of users through creativity, so it is difficult to directly judge the success or failure of a revision - but there is no doubt that for this product with a large number of users, Challenging the "revision" that users used to before is almost equivalent to starting an interconnected world war, which is not only a game between the two, but also a test of Tencent's product managers' judgment: persistence or compromise. Insist or compromise? This may not determine the future of Tencent, but the challenge brings Tencent's thinking: how to balance the huge user habits and product innovation? And is this innovation really "innovation"? There is only one Julius Caesar in this world, and everyone else is destined to be ordinary

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