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A new way to build the navigation industry of UAV flight test center

hardware manufacturing is not the only home of the UAV industry. The flight test link at the upstream of the industrial chain also contains huge market potential. Because in the field of traditional consumer UAV, due to the relatively low requirements for technology, the flight test link is mainly provided by the whole machine manufacturer and does not need to be carried out separately; However, with the vigorous development of industrial unmanned aerial vehicles, high technical barriers make flight testing need to be changed according to the needs of different application scenarios of enterprises or government users, resulting in most of the testing links need to be completed by professional enterprises. Nowadays, the flight test capability of UAV has become a new commanding height of UAV research and development in the world

in this context, in recent years, European and American countries have successively built UAV flight test centers, while the domestic UAV flight test is still in its infancy, which is mainly carried out by renting military airports or small civil navigable airports. Factors such as mission conflict and no guarantee of airspace restrict the smooth progress of UAV flight test, which seriously affects the rapid development of China's UAV industry. Therefore, there is an urgent need to establish a special UAV test center in China. This provides a new way of innovative development for many small and medium-sized cities that want to enter the field of unmanned aerial vehicles but lack the foundation of the consumer electronics industry

what kind of operation number of small and medium-sized cities is suitable for the development of UAV flight test? The development experience of Yulin is very noteworthy

Yulin city is located in the northernmost part of Shaanxi Province. Although it has no foundation in UAV manufacturing, it has a keen grasp of the development trend of the domestic UAV industry, taking the UAV test as the entry point to layout the UAV industry and fill the domestic gap

at present, Yulin is building the first professional UAV test center in China, which will become a new highland in China's UAV industry in the future. The reason why Yulin can attract the first UAV test center in China to settle down here is that it has grasped the three most important elements of developing UAV flight testing to carry out joint law enforcement and supervision and inspection

let professional airports do professional things

for UAV flight testing, the airport is the most important development premise. In the face of the embarrassing situation of the lack of venues for traditional UAV flight testing, Yulin proposed to accelerate the construction of Shaanxi Jingbian general airport, and positioned it as an UAV test airport open to the whole industry. By letting professional airports do professional things, it provided a strong position guarantee for Yulin to carry out UAV testing

maximize the advantages of surrounding research and development

Yulin's development of UAV flight test cannot be separated from the strong support of top scientific research institutions in the province. As the leader of domestic UAV research institutions, Northwestern Polytechnic University has planned one base and two centers (UAV industrialization base, UAV R & D center, UAV test center) in Shaanxi Province to accelerate the layout of UAV industry. Taking this opportunity, Yulin made full use of its own advantages to actively connect with Northwestern Polytechnic University and successfully attracted it to set up the UAV test center here

the project is invested by the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Research Institute of Northwestern Polytechnic University and the only national engineering research center of unmanned aerial vehicle system in China. All free warranty is provided, and its wholly-owned subsidiary Aisheng unmanned aerial vehicle test Jingbian Co., Ltd. is responsible for the construction and operation. The endorsement of top domestic R & D institutions will enable Yulin to undertake national tasks such as civil UAV airworthiness certification test and military UAV type approval test in the future, and escort the development of UAV testing industry

provide a variety of flight test scenarios

Yulin's rich landform also provides a good environmental support for the development of UAV flight test. Jingbian County, where the UAV test center is located, is located at the southern edge of the Mu Us Desert, with rich landform. It can be divided into northern wind beach area, central Liangmao gully area and southern hilly and gully area, and has six water system resources such as Lu River and Dali River. The extraordinary talent provides a variety of application scenarios for Yulin to carry out UAV flight test in the future

therefore, those small and medium-sized cities that are close to China's top UAV R & D institutions (such as Chengdu aircraft design and Research Institute, Shenyang Aircraft Design and Research Institute, etc.), have or plan to build general airports, and have rich landforms, have the best opportunity to develop the UAV testing industry, and thus open the door to the success of innovative development

in China, only a few small and medium-sized cities have UAV manufacturing foundation or are close to strong UAV R & D resources, but this does not mean that other small and medium-sized cities have little hope of developing UAV industry

with the rapid development of the UAV industry and the continuous expansion of the application fields of industrial UAVs, the demand for UAV drivers in the market is rising rapidly. In recent three years, the number of new UAV drivers is more than 6000 every year. In April 2019, drone drivers were even officially listed as one of the 13 new occupations by the Ministry of human resources and social security and other three departments, becoming a hot topic in the job market. According to the analysis of International Data Corporation (IDC), it is estimated that the demand for talents of UAV drivers will reach nearly 1million in the next five years. However, by the end of 2018, the cumulative number of people with UAV driver licenses in China was only 44573, which is far from meeting the development needs of the 100 billion scale UAV industry

it can be seen that for a long time, the selection should be made according to the speed required by the relevant provisions of the tested materials. The UAV drivers in China will be in a state of short supply, and the occupation of UAV drivers will also remain popular for a long time. Facing the huge gap of UAV pilots, who has advantages in human resource supply in small and medium-sized cities can occupy the commanding height of UAV pilot training; Whoever is closer to the UAV application market will be better in the field of UAV training

therefore, those areas with dense population, good vocational education foundation and wide application of UAVs (such as small and medium-sized cities in the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, Henan Province and other places) are more suitable for the development of UAV driver training, and nuggets the blue ocean of UAV industry by creating a talent highland

however, in order to become a highland for UAV talent training, only general airport is not enough, and UAV airspace is the core competitiveness that determines its success. At present, Changzhou, Liyang, Zhuzhou and other small and medium-sized cities have taken the lead, successfully approved the civil UAV training flight airspace, and the development of UAV related training industry is in full swing

therefore, other small and medium-sized cities that are qualified to develop UAV training but have not yet obtained legal qualifications should also speed up their pace, actively apply for flight airspace for UAV training, and accelerate their progress towards the UAV training industry. We expect to see more small and medium-sized cities in the field of UAV training in China in the future

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