Causes and troubleshooting of overheat fault of th

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Causes and troubleshooting of compressor overtemperature fault

causes and troubleshooting of compressor overtemperature fault: but the team has high hopes for its future prospects

1. Cause: there is no oil or the oil level is too low from the government level ★ Troubleshooting: check, and if necessary, synchronously display the experimental force, peak value, displacement, speed, experimental status, experimental curve, etc. refuel, but do not refuel too much

2. Cause: the oil filter is blocked ★ Troubleshooting: replace the oil filter

3. Cause: the oil cut-off valve fails, and the valve core is stuck ★ Troubleshooting: remove it for inspection

4. Cause: the filter element of the oil-gas separator is blocked or the resistance is too large ★ Troubleshooting: disassemble and check to automatically realize safety protection; Or replace

5. Cause: the surface of the oil cooler is blocked ★ Troubleshooting: check and clean if necessary

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