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New urbanization has brought about financial changes in low-voltage electrical appliance enterprises

in the next 10 years, 40 trillion yuan of investment will be driven. In the first draft of the plan for promoting the healthy development of urbanization (2011-2020), led by the national development and Reform Commission, this plan, which is generally interpreted as a favorable economic policy, is just like a huge pie coveted by enterprises. The promotion of urbanization cannot be separated from the support of finance. In the face of the 40 trillion urbanization cake in the next decade, no commercial bank is not greedy. This market involving infrastructure projects, industrial investment, personal housing loans and a series of businesses has enough attraction, and banks have accelerated their expansion

on February 19, 2013, the CBRC issued a document requiring banks and other financial institutions to actively innovate and improve the financial service function of small town construction and innovate a series of small town credit products. China Development Bank said that more than 50% of the new loans will be invested in urbanization and supporting construction to provide effective financing support for the development of the real economy. Subsequently, China Construction Bank and Agricultural Bank of China made clear their support for urbanization loans

urbanization provides more opportunities for small and micro enterprises to finance low-voltage cleaning and cleaning: some dust will inevitably be generated in the experimental process. Compared with China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China and other behemoths, joint-stock banks are limited by their ability, and many projects require large amounts of funds, which cannot be fully undertaken. However, the idea of joint-stock banks competing for urbanization business is also obvious. In contrast, joint-stock banks pay more attention to the loans of relevant small and micro enterprises in the process of urbanization

from the perspective of loans, infrastructure construction, as an important end-user industry of low-voltage electrical appliances, has played a weakened role in the process of new urbanization. The main work in the process of urbanization should be to improve the living environment of farmers, increase industrial investment and stimulate domestic demand. Under the slow speed of this new urbanization idea, banks mostly choose to bet most of their funds on the industry. At present, the investment in infrastructure facilities accounts for only 30% of bank loans, and more than 60% of the funds are invested in the industry

the process of urbanization needs industrial support. Only when farmers earn money through industry can they buy houses and carry out urbanization. It can be seen that the new urbanization does not mean simply enclosure of land for building houses, but mainly to improve farmers' living standards and build local characteristic industries, which song Lilu told, in which the role of low-voltage electrical appliance industry is more prominent through industrial construction. In general, the new urbanization has played a better role in promoting the low-voltage electrical appliance industry than in the past

in addition, in the process of urbanization, the government also needs a variety of financing channels. In the future, financing channels may adopt more ways, including leveraging private capital to invest in some projects. This is also a good breakthrough for some low-voltage electrical appliance enterprises seeking business diversification that intelligent manufacturing cannot do without the use of robot systems

in fact, not only domestic funds but also overseas hot money are optimistic about China's new urbanization projects. Funds and investment institutions from Singapore, Japan and other countries have begun to look for partners everywhere. These institutions manage billions of dollars of overseas investment funds

for the internal investment of low-voltage electrical appliance enterprises, the deduction of possible investment rules based on the connotation of new urbanization can at least have the following enlightenment: first, due to the fierce competition in the industry, low-voltage electrical appliance enterprises need to show characteristics in regional layout, including the organic adjustment of production areas and sales areas; Second, local urbanization and the formation of regional central cities will bring about the growth of medium and low-end consumption, especially the consumption of medium-sized brands may show stronger vitality than that of high-end brands; Third, from the development history of Japan and South Korea, as the urbanization rate rises to a certain level, the infrastructure investment structure will change. At present, China's urbanization rate has exceeded 50%. In the future process of new urbanization, emerging industries, including energy conservation and environmental protection, smart cities and so on, will begin to challenge traditional industries. Low voltage electrical appliance enterprises need to follow the trend and immediately adjust the direction of investment and research and development

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