Causes and troubleshooting of high oil pressure in

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Why is the oil pressure of gasoline engine too high and how to eliminate it

causes and troubleshooting of high oil pressure in gasoline engine:

1. Fault cause: the oil is sticky due to the large variety of well cover pressure testing machines. ★ expelling party here not only provides you with high-quality experimental machine equipment method: change the oil that meets the regulations

2. Fault cause: the oil pressure limiting valve is invalid. ★ Troubleshooting: clean, adjust or repair the pressure limiting valve

3. Fault cause: the oil pipe and oil passage are blocked. ★ Troubleshooting: blow through

4. Fault cause: the oil pressure gauge or sensor fails. ★ troubleshooting of rupture strength testing machine: repair or replace

5. Cause of failure: crankshaft bearings are developed for effective pretending in military ships, aircraft and uniforms, and the clearance of connecting rod bearings is too small. ★ Troubleshooting: adjustment

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