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Introduction to the new wet mixed mortar process or the new revolution in the industry

it is clear to those familiar with the mortar industry that manual coating or dry mixed mortar process is used for spraying construction. Due to the poor adsorption of mortar, the mortar falls off seriously after being put on the wall, resulting in a large amount of waste of materials, which has always been a difficult problem to overcome in the process of putting mortar on the wall. In addition, the mortar ratio is not appropriate

anyone familiar with the mortar industry knows that the spraying step 1 of manual coating or dry mixing mortar process is to check the software construction first. Due to the poor adsorption of mortar, the mortar falls off seriously after being put on the wall, resulting in a large amount of waste of materials, which has always been a difficult problem in the process of mortar putting on the wall. In addition, the unreasonable mortar ratio and the segregation phenomenon produced in the spraying process are also easy to make the wall hollowing and cracking, which means that the natural fiber reinforced composite used in each car has reached 17kg Mercedes Benz reported that it caused certain hidden dangers to the project quality

how does Sany effectively solve the above two problems while achieving efficient spraying? The answer lies in the proportion of raw materials for mortar production. The groundbreaking wet mixing mortar process adopts a secret high-tech nano material in the mortar production process, which can not only effectively improve the high compressive strength of mortar, but also greatly enhance the adhesion between mortar and mortar, mortar and substrate, avoid the occurrence of segregation, and greatly reduce the material waste caused by mortar falling off and the creep problem of aluminum cable, which still has environmental pollution

in order to improve the quality of houses, reduce material waste and reduce environmental pollution, at present, China has fully implemented the prohibition of manual production and mixing of mortar on site, and dry mixing mortar has become a main construction process in recent years. However, the dry mixing process must face an insurmountable problem: the wet sand must be dried at high temperature. This not only greatly increases the production cost of mortar, but also is not conducive to the realization of energy conservation and emission reduction

it is commendable that while greatly reducing labor, reducing labor intensity, improving construction efficiency, shortening construction period and reducing material waste, the wet mixing process adopted by A8 mortar master effectively avoids this shortcoming of dry mixing process. The wet sand screened from the sand field can be directly put into production after transportation without high-temperature drying, and its development advantage is very significant

in addition, the A8 mortar equipment has taken into account the needs of the construction site at the beginning of its design. It adopts a movable design, with small floor area and convenient disassembly and assembly. The complete set of equipment can be directly stationed on the construction site, which not only completely removes the transportation cost of materials from the traditional mixing plant to the construction site, but also effectively expands the construction coverage of the equipment, thereby improving the utilization rate of the equipment

improve mortar quality, reduce construction costs, shorten construction period, reduce environmental pollution, and promote energy conservation and emission reduction... Compared with other packaging materials and situations, the use of Sany A8 mortar master is undoubtedly good news for developers, builders, home buyers, and even the whole society

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