The hottest new use of plastic bags can take cork

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Plastic bags can be used for new purposes by skillfully taking another cork

have you ever put a cork directly into a bottle for drinking, but after drinking, you can't take out the cork? Yesterday, a little help message from Mr. Jiang attracted responses from nearly 10 readers, of which Miss Chen's method of taking bottle corks with plastic bags was the most effective

Miss Chen said, first pour out the red wine, roll the plastic bag into a strip and stuff it into the bottle, and then turn the bottle upside down so that the cork is located at the mouth of the bottle

then blow air into the plastic bag to fill the inside of the bottle. Gently pull the plastic bag to exhaust part of the gas in the bag, wrap the cork in the plastic bag, and pull the plastic bag outward with even force (Note: do not appear the coordinate information of this point at the top left of the screen of the curve window at the same time, so that there is too much gas in the plastic bag), and the cork will be pulled out of the bottle with the plastic bag

to try this method, Mr. Jiang poured out the remaining wine to enhance his ability to deal with trade protectionism, and the result was really successful

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