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Look at the "new play" of smart electricity

this year's theme is "energy conservation leads, green development". The Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and the outline of the 13th five year plan proposed to implement the action of controlling both the total amount and intensity of energy consumption, making it clear that during the 13th five year plan, the national energy consumption per unit of GDP will be reduced by 15%, and the total amount of energy consumption will be controlled within 5 billion tons of standard coal in 2020, This means that the average annual growth rate of energy consumption in the next five years should be kept below 3.1%. In terms of hardware, according to Article 6.3 of the national standard gb/t2611 (2) 007 general technical requirements for testing machines, it has been clearly stated that the experimental operation steps of rigid foamed plastic testing machines have made detailed provisions that electrical equipment should have the ability to protect personal safety and avoid electric shock, which is 0.5 percentage points lower than the 12th Five Year Plan. The task of energy conservation and control of total energy consumption is arduous

scientific and technological progress makes energy saving twice the result with half the effort. In recent years, relying on scientific and technological strength, the state power company has vigorously built green electricity to serve the society in energy conservation and emission reduction. In this exclusive issue, we use three typical stories to describe the exploration and practice of energy-saving technology in overseas household appliance companies

with the power of science and technology, electricity is no longer a cold tower and a dumb transformer. It can interact with people. More importantly, it can help people save energy, change the original life mode, and make life flexible, controllable, convenient and affordable

in the future, power supply companies will become more cordial in the hearts of power customers. This is all due to smart electricity technology. Smart electricity can use big data technology to analyze customers' electricity consumption behavior. For different electricity consumption habits, power supply companies can recommend suitable packages for customers, and each kind of package happens to be what customers need

hundreds of millions of customers use electricity, and their electricity habits are different. Analyzing the electricity consumption behavior of the public and providing personalized package options and intelligent electricity products are exactly what the new generation of electricity technology needs to do

now, such an assumption has become a reality. In September, 2013, Shandong Weihai built the first intelligent power consumption pilot community. Residents can control home appliances through app, and can also clearly see the current month or even daily power consumption status, including the power consumption time, power consumption, electricity charge, etc. of various appliances, so as to facilitate the scientific analysis of the law of household power consumption. Energy saving is an important function of intelligent residential areas. Power supply companies can provide users with energy consumption analysis and energy-saving suggestions according to preset parameters such as step price and peak valley power consumption policy

the company's production capacity is well prepared. In the future, if the analysis shows that some customers use a certain type of home appliances frequently, the power supply company can also "cross-border" cooperate with the electrical appliance manufacturers to recommend the use of smart home appliances for customers, and customers may also use them for free. While promoting smart and green household appliances, it can also help customers save energy and kill two birds with one stone

interaction can go further. Through extensive information interconnection, electricity can even connect every household appliance. When large-scale new energy electricity is connected to electricity, it serves peak load regulation, new energy consumption, orderly power consumption, power conservation, etc. This is a key project of Nari Telecom - massive micro load interactive network

for example, in a family of three, there is no one at home from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. during the day. Through terminals such as app, customers can "sell" to the power supply company during this period, and the power supply company can cut off power for them during this period. When thousands of households need electricity, power supply companies can use this part of the load for peak load regulation

residents will "sell" the time when they don't use electricity during the day to earn income, while power supply companies can use a large number of idle household loads to regulate peak load and ensure the balance of electricity. This method not only adjusts the stability and balance of electricity, but also consumes more new energy

the deep integration of intelligent power consumption and "interconnection +" brings us a more convenient and comfortable life, while energy conservation, low carbon and economy are the most practical significance given to life by power technology

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