Yasilan seamless wall cloth is derived from natura

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Once popular, but always favored, is called "classic". There is such an element that originates from nature, but with its extraordinary texture and texture, it silently "occupies" the eyes of years, that is, texture

texture is a variety of crisscross, uneven, rough and smooth texture changes. Different materials and different techniques can produce different texture effects and create rich external shapes

" Deep sea, land and starry sky; Texture patterns can give people too much imagination, rich texture, unexpected color composition

from ancient times to now, in European churches or palaces, whether it is a grand square or exquisite details, you can always see the shadow of texture patterns wherever you see them. Human love for it has long gone beyond the attachment to an element, but also the identification and belonging of culture

European palaces and Roman churches are full of this element.

texture patterns reshape architecture, art, furniture, household goods and high-end fashion. Especially in the field of fashion, the texture element is a hot item recently. The tailoring of the clothes maintains the neat and restrained texture, while the soft fabric gives the finished product tenderness. This is not only a dress, but also a work of art

natural texture elements are captured by designers' inspiration, intuition and sensitivity. These artists have creatively interpreted their charm and soul

texture lines in the home industry

texture lines have a natural sense of design. If you are good at using its texture, sometimes even design becomes redundant; When the deep and light colors with a sense of hierarchy complement each other, they give people a natural sense of "inner peace". The domineering trend can always make a mark on all parts of life in an instant

inspired by the mysterious texture hidden deep in nature, the charming texture changes layer by layer, the thick color changes, the blending of feelings and scenes, highlighting a strong artistic atmosphere. The overall majestic atmosphere, quite abstract artistic flavor, but delicate and changeable when looking at it, reflects its distinctive unique design style

in addition to using texture elements to decorate the wall, what surprises people is the small objects in life. Objects and hanging paintings quietly tell you that the owner values the "echo" in the space

with different texture, thickness and color, create a sense of hierarchy like cloud and water. With the trend of abstract curve, it shows different grain changes, produces wonderful chemical reactions, and seems to have a natural essence of tranquility

each grain is a unique and varied natural grain, pure and eternal, and contains mysterious and abstract profound poetry




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