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As big home furnishings, whole house customization, whole wood home decoration and other outlets gradually prevail in the home occupation, many door and window brands are also eager to try, and plans to expand their own industries. It is a necessary step for door and window enterprises to expand their product lines, which is not only a challenge but also an opportunity for door and window enterprises. However, in the current door and window industry, the production capacity has always been a big question that puzzles the door and window enterprises, so when expanding, the door and window enterprises must firmly grasp the control of production capacity, and do not let the production capacity delay the expansion

doors and windows have a long history of professional development, and there are many brands with a long history. In terms of professional calls, "these brands are specialized in aluminum alloy". Their understanding of aluminum alloy has reached a high level in many years of development. Even so, in the field of doors and windows, the lack of production capacity is still a hard injury for many companies

as a vertically expanding product line in the field of aluminum alloy, door and window enterprises are deeply loved by high-end people, and their high profits are irresistible to many door and window enterprises. However, the requirements for the company's skills are very high, and many special-shaped manufacturing must be completed manually. In the current situation of lack of production capacity in the field of original doors and windows, the production capacity of doors and windows can naturally be imagined

therefore, when expanding the plan, door and window enterprises must control their own production capacity, which cannot affect the production of doors and windows and make the company's foundation unstable, which is bound to lose money for small things

on the whole, when the door and window enterprises are expanding, strengthening capacity management is the most basic element. Otherwise, it is very likely that the door and window industry will be affected by other product lines, resulting in the best performance of industries at both ends. As long as the production capacity is truly questioned and the production management mechanism is improved, the expansion of door and window enterprises can get the best effect





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