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Now the aluminum alloy door and window industry is entering a period of in-depth adjustment. Faced with this career trend, some manufacturers have now realized the importance of factory management innovation, while more manufacturers are still in a chaotic situation. As a cutting-edge and expert manufacturer, if Guanhao doors and windows wants to complete and continue to grow in the later stage, it needs to make sufficient preparations to innovate the manufacturer's management and adapt to the new economic environment

1. Optimize the handling policy

?? Once, the management policy of many manufacturers was to improve production efficiency, and the most direct and detailed expression of efficiency maximization was profit maximization. However, with the development of the market economy, people began to doubt this simple policy of seeking the maximization of short-term profits, thinking that too much seeking the short-term profits of manufacturers will often shorten the life cycle of manufacturers, and ultimately lose money for small things. Therefore, he clearly proposed that manufacturers should have a long-term vision and pay attention to sustainable development. "It is meaningful to clarify this concept first, and then innovate in other aspects."

2. Transform the soft power of employees into the central competitiveness of manufacturers

?? The soft power of the manufacturer is a non materialized element relative to the hard power. It is a comprehensive force formed in the operation of the manufacturer that can effectively combine the manufacturer's resources. Hard power is an element existing in the form of materialization, and an objective norm to measure the size and strength of manufacturers, while soft power is the ability to combine and use hard power, and is the central condition to complete the continuous operation of manufacturers after all

3, "customer orientation" goes beyond

?? For half a century, the concept of "customer-oriented" mall marketing has been called the mainstream thinking of manufacturer operation. If any manufacturer wants to succeed, it must take the needs of customers as the starting point and satisfaction with the shopping malls or the destination of customers as the starting point. However, with the advent of the era of knowledge economy, it is not easy for manufacturers to thoroughly understand the needs of customers; In addition, the essence of "customer orientation" is a strategy of pursuing protection, which makes it difficult for manufacturers to take the lead in shopping malls in the future





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