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In response to the enterprise spirit of "passion for victory and creating the future", Kaiya wooden door launched the May day outdoor sports throughout the company during the May Day festival

it's the beginning of summer

the sunshine in the morning is not so hot

it's another exciting day

it's another beautiful and fighting week

you see

sunshine, rain, dew, flowers, rainbow, happy applause

tightly around us

[all say that people with dreams are lucky]

then we are all lucky to have dreams.

since we are so lucky

then we should work hard for it.

you should know that dreams, luck and opportunities are only once in a lifetime.

although life is not as beautiful as we think, but

Hemingway once said that if we can't beat us, we will be stronger.

How can we change ourselves and change the world without hardship

in response to the entrepreneurial spirit of "passion to win and create the future"

during the May Day festival, the company launched the May day outdoor sports

to strengthen team communication Cooperation and responsibility

[unite to overcome difficulties]

it's lucky that our team never gives up the last glimmer of hope

does not abandon any teammates

even if the victory is not close to

but still hold your breath until the last moment

[the harder you work, the luckier you are]

there is no white road in life

failure will also be a beautiful landscape

happiness and pain, happiness and suffering, success and failure

are all things we must experience

when you are responsible, when you are carrying your dream, the brilliant future will slowly come in that step

if the bow is not stretched, it will lose its power

when you work hard, your dream will give up, it is called paranoia.The

may you and I remain true to our original beliefs

in this sunny may

turn dreams into wings and travel to the other side of success

come on





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