30 carpentry tips that must be known in decoration

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30 pieces of carpentry common sense that must be known in decoration construction

1. The ground keel is best to use dried larch

2. After buying large wood boards, they should be sawn and air dried

3. Carpenters should snap the horizontal line of the house before entering the site

4. Colored panels should be painted once they come in to prevent getting dirty

5. Ceiling fans should not be installed on the ceiling keel

6. Colored panels should be selected in advance during construction

7 The distance between the hanging bars of the ceiling and the wall should not be greater than 300

8. The gypsum board should be fixed with countersunk self tapping screws, enter the board surface by 1~2mm, and undergo rust prevention treatment. Gun nails should not be used

9. The distance between the nails of the gypsum board should not be greater than 200

10. The gypsum board should have a 3mm joint with the wall to facilitate crack prevention treatment

11. It is best to protect the external corners of the gypsum board

12. The upper and lower risers of the wooden door should be painted

13 The bottom of the toilet door pocket should be painted with waterproof

14. The size of the door should be the same

15. The furniture should not be made by carpenters as far as possible, and the furniture that can't be done well

16. The cabinet should be bought as a whole as far as possible, and the carpentry can't be done well, and the design can't be done well

17. All medium sizes must be considered well, and it will be troublesome to change it

18. The sliding door you make should not be a dark track, and you can't repair it later

19 If the bathroom is small, try to move the door, don't open the door, take up space

20, be sure to communicate with the foreman about the carpentry work you can't eat, don't let them make their own decisions

21, money is the last word

22, be sure to let the workers look at the drawings

23, kitchen drawers are very useful

24, the floor wooden dragon bone flatness is 5mm

25, the rough floor should be paved into 30 degrees or 45 degrees, and 2~3mm should be left between the boards Joints should be staggered

26, 8~10mm joints should be left between the floor and the wall

27, expansion joints should be considered when the length of the composite floor exceeds 8m

28, medium density board should be used as less as possible as door pocket

29, hinges and hardware must be used well

30, Yuba should be installed on the wooden keel, not directly on the ceiling





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