The yellow background wall with two rooms and two

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The community is located next to the main road, and the traffic is convenient. At the same time, I still feel a little noisy. There is no way. I can't have both

set the decoration style of the house as modern and simple, light decoration and heavy decoration, which also meets the requirements of money bags

I visited several decoration companies before I started decoration, but the results disappointed me. Either the cost was too high, or I paid too much attention to design without considering practicality. When I was disappointed, I simply decided to do it by myself. I started as soon as I rolled up my sleeves. From design to buying materials to supervising the work, although I was tired, at least the results of the small nest were satisfactory to me

two bedrooms and two living rooms

the whole decoration plus furniture and appliances is about 6W. The list roughly includes:

1. The furniture purchased includes sofa, tea table (carpet), dining table, dining chair, big bed, small bed and mattress

2. The home appliances purchased include 42 inch LCD, 197l refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, kitchen stove, water heater and range hood

3. The cost of decoration is 6500r, and the materials are self purchased

4. Invite workers to eat before decoration, decoration management fee, water and electricity fee, natural gas before occupancy, cable TV, lamps, small appliances in the kitchen and others

note that the above are included in this 6W

two rooms and two halls

the yellow background wall and black table look very impressive




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