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Systematic conditions of packaging discipline

this condition indicates that a discipline has relatively independent contents, principles or laws, and has a discipline system structure that is being or has been formed. For more than half a century, the knowledge system of modern packaging has been formed through continuous improvement and enrichment. The packaging expertise contained in this system has unique principles and methods, forming relatively independent contents

in the principle of transport packaging, it includes the famous brittle value (vulnerability) theory, damage boundary theory, static and dynamic buffer coefficient theory, five (six) step design theory of packaging design, etc. in the sales packaging, it includes positioning design method, series design method, pop (commodity advertising service) design method and corporate image design method, etc. as for the special process and technology of packaging, it is more special, for example, body fitted packaging, Blister packaging, fresh-keeping packaging, map/cap (automatic control air conditioning/external control air conditioning) packaging, anti-counterfeiting packaging, cushioning and damping packaging, and children's products safety packaging, etc

modern packaging disciplines include three university disciplines: packaging social science, packaging natural science and packaging (application) technology science. Each university discipline includes several sub disciplines. The sub disciplines of packaging social science include packaging management, packaging economics, packaging logistics, packaging marketing, packaging psychology, packaging marketing, packaging environment, etc; The branches of natural science include packaging materials, packaging mechanics, packaging dynamics, packaging technology, food packaging, military packaging and dangerous goods packaging

The sub disciplines of packaging applied technology science include transportation packaging design, sales packaging design, packaging product test, packaging product evaluation method, packaging process automation, packaging material recycling technology and packaging CAD/CAM. There are rich and unique professional contents in each branch discipline. For example, the sales packaging equipment has high accuracy and sensitivity for the measurement and control of load, deformation and displacement. The meter will include structural design, modeling design, decoration design, trademark design, advertising design, pattern design, text design, graphic design, three-dimensional design, color design, CI design and computer drawing design

conditions for Discipline Innovation

this condition indicates that a discipline is original and advanced if it develops secondary disciplines, while developed disciplines are systematic and rigorous. No matter transportation packaging or sales packaging, every packaging engineer or designer knows that innovation is the soul of packaging. Because the market competition is very fierce, enterprises lacking innovation ability will disappear at the economic ball, while products without characteristics will be eliminated under the visual impact of shelves

for all successful packaging design projects, only by applying advanced technology, giving full play to unique artistic means and embodying creative thinking under the designer's planning and clever pen can packaging products be recognized by the market. All human, social, economic, cultural and material factors related to packaging are variables, and the market demand, consumption concept, lifestyle and management mode are changing. Therefore, the general thinking method of each theoretical system embodied in the packaging discipline is a principle: the principle that will never change in changing packaging

as for the perspective of the discipline, it means that the theoretical system of the discipline plays a guiding and predictive role in specific practice

in fact, each specific packaging product design method is formed under the guidance of a certain packaging theory. The theories in the packaging discipline not only provide a lot of effective means and information for people to develop packaging technology and packaging industry, but also make theoretical preparations for the introduction of all available high and new technologies

packaging marketing theory points out the direction for the research and development of packaging products and materials through market prediction research. With the development and formation of packaging discipline, the high-tech content of packaging products has become more and more, and new technologies, new methods, new processes and new materials from other industries have become more and more infiltrated and integrated into the packaging industry

for example, laser cutting technology for packaging materials, nanotechnology composite packaging materials, liquid crystal technology, ultra-high barrier flexible packaging containers, global satellite data system, optimization of transport packaging structure design, computer simulation technology to improve the work efficiency of packaging production lines and the application of digital principles to make packaging printing reach the latest level, etc. The foresight of this discipline fully shows an inevitable trend in the development of things

discipline development conditions

this condition indicates that a discipline is not simply derived from a high-level discipline or a flexible operation and casually switching to a near discipline, and its status cannot be replaced by other disciplines. From the previous introduction, we can know that although the packaging discipline is still a middle school discipline for development, it does have a very clear research object and scope, has its own principles and methods, and its discipline content is original and forward-looking, In addition, a large number of experts and scholars engaged in scientific research and education have emerged in the development process of packaging discipline such as the number of times, orientation and case pattern of each wordid. They have published and published representative works and papers of packaging discipline, basically forming a complete set of systematic theoretical architecture of packaging discipline

although this theoretical system infiltrates and integrates the principles and methods in the theories of other disciplines, the packaging discipline is an interdisciplinary discipline and cannot evolve from other high-level disciplines or adjacent disciplines, that is to say, packaging cannot be replaced by any other discipline

industrial design is also an interdisciplinary subject and the nearest discipline to the packaging discipline. Can packaging be replaced by industrial design? The answer is No

there are similarities between the two disciplines, but there are fundamental differences. First of all, the research object and scope are different. The central problem of industrial design is the product with a certain scale, while the central problem of packaging is to protect the containers, materials and auxiliary materials of all products

second, in the process of discipline development, the cultural background and historical category are different. The development path of industrial design is from art design to technical design, and then the two are integrated. Its characteristic is still to highlight art; The development approach of packaging has gradually moved from technical design to artistic design, and then the two are integrated. Its feature is still to highlight technology. However, with the prosperity of the market economy, the artistic features of packaging have been paid more and more attention

third, industrial design and packaging design are inseparable from various new materials and functional materials, but industrial design emphasizes understanding and mastering the properties of materials to meet the modeling requirements through correct selection; In the process of packaging, we should not only understand the performance characteristics of various packaging materials, but also understand that the workers of these materials should strengthen the research and development of the precision performance of products, break through the technological production methods, and even develop and research new materials to meet the requirements of the packaging material Market. Therefore, the material problems involved in packaging are more extensive and complex than industrial design. (to be continued)

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