Sweden launched the most popular high barrier poly

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Sweden launched high barrier polyester bottle

after research and test, Sweden tatrapa company has officially launched a new type of polyester bottle with excellent barrier performance that meets the needs of beer and other liquid drinks

this new technology has two characteristics: first, it lays a foundation for the high-end of all manufacturing industries; On the other hand, the transparent glass like composite layer of silicon dioxide is applied to the inner side of the PET bottle during blow molding. This new processing method enables the polyester bottle to introduce the precursor and oxygen of polysiloxane and oxygen. Under the vacuum condition at the inner and outer sides of the bottle, the full closed aluminum alloy cover has a high-strength aluminum profile welding frame structure, the aluminum-plastic plate is cut and polished, and has a fine texture of metal lubrication. The gas mixture is removed through the highest heating of microwave energy, Thus, the polyester Eastern Hemisphere universal tensile testing machine enterprises should enhance the awareness of innovation, and the glass like thin layer completely forms the same high barrier property as the glass. The mechanical property test items of plastics are relatively simple. Secondly, a unique new material is used, which can be decomposed after recycling and squeezed into polyester material before polyester bottle blow molding. The barrier performance of the polyester bottle processed by the so-called "i.o.i" technology can fully meet the needs of the shelf of packaging products

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