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Intelligent building system planning

Abstract: in the initial design and planning stage of building construction, the planning of intelligent system is very important. The function realization of the intelligent building system with complete planning is reasonable, and the system optimization design can be carried out, which saves a certain amount of capital investment for the owners. Starting from the process integrity of intelligent building system engineering, this paper briefly describes the necessity of system planning

key words: intelligent building system planning foreword over the past few years, in the process of undertaking the intelligent building system, we often hear the owner say: the intelligent building I want to build will be advanced within five years (or ten years) and not backward in 20 years. I want to build a first-class intelligent building, etc. In what respect is it advanced? What is not behind? It all depends on imagination; In addition, this kind of situation is often encountered in the bidding process: some bidding documents do not clearly write down the system objective requirements, but give the control points, wiring points, etc. in a very rough and specific way, and feel that these requirements are inconsistent with the specific role of the building; Some bidding documents are very crude and need to be developed by the bidder. Some bidding documents only propose several subsystems independently, such as wiring, computer network, building automation, security, fire control, etc., which have nothing to do with each other, but are just an island of subsystems. In this way, bidding is often misled by the bidder and the intervention of the superior leaders, so it can not really play the role of bidding. For example, there is a building in Nanjing, More than 20million yuan has been invested in the weak current system, of which more than 10million yuan has been spent to design a TV monitoring and alarm system (which is not a first-class risk unit). Other systems are just an ornament and are not an intelligent building system at all. If the owner can well plan and analyze the system, it can be designed into an intelligent building system with a certain scale. In order to avoid the occurrence of the above phenomena, In the whole process of the construction of intelligent building system engineering that can always provide us with reliable data to support, according to the objective needs, in order to do a good job of intelligent building system engineering, system planning is very necessary. 1. Overview (the position of system planning in System Engineering) intelligent building is a system engineering and a complex large-scale system. Therefore, its construction should follow the basic procedures of system engineering. Comrade Qian Xuesen put forward that "system engineering is a scientific method for the planning, research, design, manufacturing, testing and use of organization and management systems, and a scientific method of universal significance for all systems". According to the current development of intelligent building technology, we use the method of system engineering to show the establishment process of the intelligent building system engineering system with a diagram, and summarize the high-resolution steps of "five 1" seeking data acquisition for the establishment of the intelligent building system engineering, which includes: 3. Precautions for the use of concrete pressure testing machine system planning, system design, detailed design and product selection, engineering construction and operation maintenance management. It regards the research object of intelligent building as a system as a whole. The intelligent building system is composed of several subsystems. For each subsystem, it is first considered from the point of view of realizing the technical coordination of the whole system. The contradictions between subsystems or between subsystems and subsystems in the research process should be solved from the needs of overall coordination. At the same time, take the system as an integral part of the larger system to which it belongs (for example, regard the intelligent building as a network node of the larger system of "information highway"), and consider all its technical requirements from the perspective of realizing the technical coordination of the larger system as far as possible. This practice reflects a scientific method, which is a scientific method for the planning, design, product manufacturing, engineering construction and system operation and maintenance management of the organization and management "system", and also reflects the methodology of the system engineering research process. In short, due to the complexity, development and variability of external conditions of intelligent building technology, it is no longer possible to organize and manage a large-scale and complex intelligent building system project with intuitive traditional methods and personal experience alone. In order to ensure the integrity of the system, it is necessary to comprehensively consider this problem with the methods of modern information system and system engineering, so as to compile the model of the whole process of system development, The whole process of intelligent building construction is closely connected as a whole, and the whole process is comprehensively considered and improved to achieve comprehensive optimization. Now there are many articles and treatises on the design, product, engineering, management and process of intelligent building system engineering. This article mainly talks about my own views on the system planning of intelligent building system engineering. 2. The function and significance of the system planning of intelligent building system engineering our research object is the complex intelligent building system. One of the characteristics of intelligent building system engineering is that there are many contradictory and uncertain factors in the system, such as target and technology, technology and product, product and price, price and system scale. Because hydraulic clamping can also be adopted as required, it is difficult to imagine the consequences of making decisions on major issues of such a large system without taking corresponding measures. Practice has proved that the key step for optimal system design and correct decision-making on major issues related to the system is to make system planning first. It is difficult to imagine that it is impossible to make practical system optimization design without feasible system planning. Therefore, system planning plays an extremely important role in the construction of the whole intelligent building

2.1 concept and content of system planning

the system planning of intelligent building is different from the system planning of general engineering. It must start from the demand goal of intelligent building, study and analyze the feasibility of technical design, product, information, environment, policy, etc., and formulate an overall concept of intelligent system of intelligent building

the so-called system planning is the whole process and result of such a purposeful and step-by-step exploration, analysis and formulation of the overall concept of the intelligent system

in order to provide the decision makers with the information and data required for direct judgment and decision of the system scheme, the system planners use scientific tools and methods to fully investigate and study the purpose, function, environment, cost-effectiveness, etc. of the system, analyze and process the relevant data and data, make several planning models, make qualitative and quantitative comparisons, and finally sort them into complete, correct and feasible comprehensive data, As the main basis for decision makers to choose feasible planning

in the system planning stage, the main task is to define the concept of the system and clearly establish the system

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