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With the rapid development of computer technology, modern communication technology and automatic control technology, intelligent buildings first appeared in the western developed Jinan experimental machine factory, where pressure testing machines are mainly used in building engineering materials. With the development of social economy and the improvement of living standards for students by pressing the "confirm" button, intelligent residential areas have begun to be built in many places in China. However, judging from the construction level and scale of intelligent community, the construction of Intelligent Community in China is still in the primary stage, but the prospect of large-scale construction is optimistic

intelligent community is expanded and extended from the basic meaning of intelligent building. It provides a reasonable investment, high efficiency, comfort, warmth and convenience B, artificial aging: when measuring the performance indicators of tensile test and fatigue test and a safe living environment through the optimization of the four basic elements of the community building complex (structure, system, service, management and the internal relationship between them). Intelligent residential quarter is the crystallization of the development of housing construction and science and technology. It integrates modern building technology, modern computer network technology, modern communication technology and intelligent control technology. It is the inevitable trend of housing construction after "well-off housing"

I. what is an intelligent community

the so-called intelligent community is to intelligentize the functions of multiple buildings (mainly residential communities) with the same or different functions in a certain region according to the overall planning method. On the basis of providing a safe, comfortable, convenient, energy-saving and sustainable living environment, we can fully share resources, unify management and control, and improve the performance price ratio index of the community

II. System composition of intelligent community

according to the five performance indicators of Intelligent Community: security, durability, practicality, economy and environmental requirements, the system structure of intelligent community can be divided into management center and Network wiring and home intelligent system

i. network management center

the network management center is not only the center of the cell management system, but also the bridge between the cell and the outside world. The cell management center is connected to the Internet through a proxy server (firewall). The integrated management system of network management center of intelligent community includes five subsystems: home intelligent control subsystem, parking lot management subsystem, intelligent community security subsystem, intelligent community property management subsystem and information management subsystem

ii. network cabling

the cabling system is the supporting platform of the intelligent system of the community. It is a very important connection system to realize the interconnection of the management subsystems of the intelligent community through the cabling system and provide a fast channel for the transmission of network data. The development speed of data network is very fast. With the continuous expansion and development of services in this area, people's demand in this area is growing exponentially, which will become the main aspect of community value-added services in the future

the functions of the cabling system are as follows:

1. Organically connect the user's intelligent control system, voice, video on demand and Internet services

2. Connect the community public service system

3. Connect the cell and the outside world with the bandwidth in an appropriate way

primary cell: the degree of intelligence is not high, and the requirements for the network system are low. There is no need to reconstruct the data network, and the existing cabling system (network, cable TV network, etc.) can be fully used to carry out simple and low-speed data exchange with the wide area. Such as: simple three meter remote transmission, alarm and control by using line; Dial up internet with modem; Using video on demand (VOD) and other functions, this scheme is characterized by low investment and no need to rewire. However, the system function is not easy to expand and can not meet the functional requirements of user service growth. It is suitable for the intellectualization of the completed project community

medium and advanced cells: the wiring system of the cell should be planned from the overall plan, the network resources near the cell should be fully utilized, and the wiring of the cell should be designed by using HFC (fiber coax hybrid) or PDS (integrated wiring system of intelligent cells). 5 It is better to have a residual sample escort installation structure. Establish a Gigabit Ethernet or ATM high-speed data network in the cell. The network has the best performance, can well protect users' investment, and can open a variety of information value-added services. Of course, the investment is also the largest, but the system can be opened gradually with the gradual growth of users' demand, thus dispersing owners' investment. This can well protect the owner's investment, make the system have good developability, and greatly meet the potential needs of users, with high cost performance

iii. home intelligent system

home intelligent system includes three parts: intelligent sensing and execution equipment, home wiring system and home intelligent controller; The intelligent controller is not only the center of the home intelligent system, but also the intelligent node on the intelligent network of the community. It has complete functions and the operation interface should be as simple as possible to meet the users of different knowledge levels, different consumption levels and age stages

home intelligent controller shall have the following functions:

1 Automatic meter reading function (water meter, electricity meter and gas meter)

2. Safety protection function (gas leakage, anti-theft alarm)

3. Linkage control function

4. Automatic dialing in and dialing out function

III. technical implementation scheme

1. ATM broadband access platform

atm defines a set of quality of service description parameters and corresponding control mechanisms to achieve quality of service. Quality of service includes delay, delay jitter and cell loss rate; ATM technology has relatively complete flow control and flow management mechanisms. Through these mechanisms, users can maximize the use of network resources and avoid network congestion; ATM uses statistical multiplexing to provide users with the service of allocating bandwidth on demand, which improves the utilization of bandwidth; ATM has the ability to adapt to various services and supports voice, data and image multimedia communication. It supports both connection oriented and connectionless services. ATM is the first technology of narrowband and broadband integrated access

various topological structures such as point-to-point, star, chain, ring and hybrid can be adopted in the group mode

2. ADSL asymmetric digital subscriber line access

adsl technology is applicable to the comprehensive needs of Internet image and data services. The most important feature of these services is "asymmetry", that is, the traffic demand for uplink and downlink channels

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