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PTA: following the trend of crude oil in the short term, it is still in the process of shock bottoming.

one week Market Overview:

this week, PTA (following the weak rebound of crude oil, the trading volume shrank significantly, the positions decreased, and the funds continued to flow out. The 809 contract fell sharply, and the long and short positions continued to reduce, which caused a certain drag on the rebound of the 811 contract, and the price difference between the two decreased. Now the goods are more attractive than wood, and the performance of the goods is stable for a week, and the price difference between them and the 811 contract narrowed.

comparison chart of the current price trend. (source: CSC futures)

crude oil in the upstream market fell sharply again after rebounding this week, and the medium-term trend is weak. PX South Korea quotation continued to weaken this week, between $1380 and $1365. The recent decline of crude oil and the universal tensile strength tester of steel wire rope are mainly used to test and analyze the static mechanical properties of metal and non-metallic materials such as steel wire, iron wire, aluminum wire and copper wire under normal temperature, such as tension, contraction, zigzag, shear, peeling, tearing and load retaining. PTA enterprises' production reduction has caused a heavy setback to PX

PX corresponding trend chart of Korean FOB and NY crude oil. (source: CSC futures)

the corresponding switch between PTA and PX Korean FOB in the inner market is switched to the price trend chart of the loading file. (source: CSC futures)

the effective forecast of registered warehouse receipts increased significantly, and the registered warehouse receipts and effective forecast rose to about 50000 this week. At present, the price difference between 809 and spot is large, which has been heavily sold off. According to the inquiry of hedging positions held by the exchange, 24000 long hedges and short hedges continued to sell, with a big victory over the 809 contract

trend chart of registered warehouse receipts. (source: CSC futures)

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