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PTA daily review on July 21: the market atmosphere was poor, PTA rose and fell

dragged down by the poor market atmosphere, on Tuesday, Zhengzhou PTA futures rose and fell, with the main 0909 contract opening 7220, the lowest 7206, the highest 7342, closing at 7242, up 2 points, 449238 transactions and 1566 position reductions

from the technical point of view, PTA opened at the support of the 10 day moving average. It once crossed the 5-day moving average in the session, but closed below the 5-day moving average. The weekly pattern remained intact and rose. It broke through the previous high of 7312 in the session. At present, the technical support is strong, and the short-term decline is expected to be small

crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) rose on the fifth day of the Asian electronic trading session on the 21st, and the market expected that fuel demand would increase, as the rise in the stock market stimulated people's optimistic expectations that the economic recession was about to end. At 14:55 Beijing time, NYMEX August crude oil futures closed at $63.98/barrel. Ice September Brent crude oil futures closed at $66.44 per barrel. The U.S. Department of energy will release the weekly energy inventory report on the 22nd. 5. Considering the appearance of printed parts, analysts predict that the U.S. crude oil inventory will fall by 1.2 million barrels, gasoline inventory will increase by 700000 barrels, and distillate oil inventory will increase by 1.4 million barrels as of July 17. Iran's oil minister said that Iran's fifth economic development plan will increase its oil production capacity to 5.1 million barrels per day to maintain its position as the second largest oil producer in OPEC

on July 20, PX in Asia fell $6 to $1035 FOB South Korea, while PX in Europe was basically stable at $FOB Rotterdam. On Monday, Asian benzene stabilized at 860 US dollars/ton FOB South Korea, while European benzene rose by 5 US dollars to 930 US dollars/ton FOB Rotterdam. The market atmosphere of PTA and MEG was general, and the medium fiber price index was stable at 7200. There were still some factory inquiries

due to the continuous rise of crude oil, the decline of Jiangsu and Zhejiang polyester fiber slowed down today, and most major mainstream manufacturers reported flat, while sporadic specifications still fell. Market participants have different views on the future market. The market of 1.4d polyester staple fiber in Jiangsu and Zhejiang was consolidated, and some transactions were preferential. The two-dimensional hollow market in Cixi area shows a slight upward sign, and there are still preferential transactions. Although yesterday's transaction continued to be sluggish, Jiangsu and Zhejiang semi-finished slices are dominated by horizontal consolidation. The mainstream quotation is around 8600 yuan/ton (cash acceptance), and the acceptance of yuan/ton (cash acceptance) is negotiated

the caprolactam market rose steadily, the market demand for nylon chips decreased, and the price remained firm. The price of nylon filament gradually stabilized this week, and the manufacturers' intention to raise prices eased. The domestic acrylonitrile market is stable, the port spot supply is abundant, the downstream demand is limited, and the market procurement is cautious. Most market participants wait until the market is clear, and the port spot pick-up price is maintained at about 9500 yuan/ton. The acrylic fiber market continues to maintain a steady and weak market. Due to the continuous high temperature in midsummer, the downstream demand decreases gradually, and the market trading volume shows a downward trend. When the market is not clear, the market mostly takes a wait-and-see attitude. Although the domestic spandex trading market is affected by the continuous contraction of the total downstream demand, the inventory of some production enterprises and the upward trend, which leads to the continuous operation of small low price concessions by suppliers, the main market still maintains a relatively stable consolidation pattern. The market price of viscose staple fiber is stable, and the quotation of mainstream enterprises has stabilized. Downstream cotton yarn market is still weak

last week, the domestic industrial layout was optimized, and the export amount changed greatly in each month. The overhaul and commencement of two PTA units have been completed, one 800000 ton unit in Ningbo and one 500000 ton unit in Zhuhai. The short-term PTA supply has an increasing trend. Of course, due to the strong downstream demand of PTA, the increased supply may be consumed by the market. In June, China's chemical fiber output reached 2.465 million tons, with a year-on-year increase of 22.5%. In May, China's chemical fiber production capacity increased by 20.5% year-on-year. It can be seen that the selection of the range of instruments and equipment required in the downstream of PTA in China this year should first protect the instruments and equipment from reducing their reliability or causing damage during the test process; The second is to meet the requirements of decreasing measurement error and basically get out of the crisis, and the demand is good. However, it should be noted that a 900000 ton PTA production capacity in Chongqing may start in late September. From the upstream, although three sets of domestic PX production capacity were released in July, the new domestic PX production capacity did not impact the Asian PX market because PX manufacturers in East Asia timely reduced the operating rate and the new domestic PX production capacity had not fully entered the market

on the whole, supported by the stabilization of crude oil, PTA suspended the adjustment in recent days and rose in shock. However, the entire capital market, including commodity futures and securities markets, was in a callback state on Tuesday, dragging down its surge and fall. It is expected that PTA may maintain a shock consolidation situation in the short term

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