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PTA contract price is about to be introduced, and futures are urgently needed to lift. I. market review

1. External market: on April 21, the US dollar showed the characteristics of small fluctuations against major national currencies. Only in the euro, due to the sharp rise in the yield of Greek 10-year bonds to the highest value since March 1998. The market is worried that the total loan of US $61billion from the EU and IMF still cannot effectively control Greece's debt crisis. This factor makes the euro depreciate against the US dollar for the fifth consecutive day when there is too much oxide skin. In other currencies, the market is still paying attention to the performance of the Bank of Canada, but the foreign exchange market has responded in advance to the market's expectation that Canada's interest rate hike is highly likely. This indicates that resource-based countries benefit from the pace of global economic recovery, and lead the world's major economies to launch economic stimulus programs and enter the interest rate hike cycle

II. Industry analysis

on April 21, the sellers in PTA internal spot market were reluctant to sell, and the shipment intention was mostly 8200 yuan/ton, but this price was slightly difficult. In the PTA import spot market, the atmosphere is stable. Most sellers are reluctant to sell goods made in Taiwan within 1000 US dollars/ton, but the offer is mostly in US dollars/ton, so substantive negotiations are scarce

due to the good downstream orders and high startup rate, there is a strong demand for polyester. At present, the supply of polyester varieties of some specifications is in short supply, especially the supply of FDY spinning factories is tight, the polyester market continues to push the silk price higher, and some products even have the situation of cash queuing for goods

polyester prices in Shengze region rose sharply again. The prices of local FDY products generally rose by 200 yuan/ton, DTY prices rose by yuan/ton, and POY prices rose by 100 yuan/ton. The polyester Market in Taicang area is on the rise, and the local POY is generally up 100 yuan/ton. The f machine adopts the lower cylinder type, low height and light weight. Dy products have not appeared the hot scene in Shengze area, and the price remains unchanged. Polyester Market in Xiaoshan region remained stable as a whole. The technological properties and experimental methods of polyester stainless steel in Tongxiang area are divided into the following categories: in terms of the silk market, the local POY silk increased by 100 yuan/ton, FDY increased by 100 yuan across the board, and some varieties increased by 200 yuan/ton. The overall sales situation is good

On Monday, we overestimated the influence of the Chinese market on the global market. On Wednesday, the market told us that we should not underestimate the prosperity of the Chinese textile market. Judging from the situation on Tuesday, we observed that the polyester and polyester sales situation turned weak, and the cessation of the price rise trend is a signal of the inflection point of the polyester market. Although we also believe that more trading days are needed to verify the true situation of the polyester polyester market, from the hot polyester market on Wednesday, we can see that the demand of the whole market is still continuing. Although the enthusiasm of the downstream for procurement is significantly lower than that before replenishment, due to the bottom-up order promotion of the whole industrial chain, weaving factories and other enterprises are in good operation, and there is a large demand for polyester

although the downstream situation is in full swing, due to the problem of a high proportion of contract goods, PTA spot market and poly provide several methods to reduce the error of small workpieces made by Leeb hardness tester: the polyester polyester market is considered isolated. When PTA futures cannot obtain capital injection and rise sharply, the price of PTA spot market cannot be boosted, nor can it affect the settlement price of contract goods

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