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PTA plant fire in Mexico will impact the pet resin Market

PTA plant fire in Mexico will impact the pet resin Market

July 18, 2018

[China paint information]

on July 15, a major fire broke out in the PTA plant of chemical manufacturer alpek (San Pedro galsagacia, Mexico) in Altamira, Mexico. According to data from wood Mackenzie, the fire may have a significant impact on PET resin production throughout the Americas and Europe

Phil Marshall, pet director of wood Mackenzie, said, "the fire occurred in two PTA plants in alpek."

the PTA plant fire in Mexico will impact the pet resin market.

"although the extent of the damage is not known yet, the videos and pictures from the scene show serious damage - Huang Zhijie, CAE manager of Ningbo Changhua automobile decoration Co., Ltd., is damaged, which may cause at least one plant to be shut down for a long time. This shutdown may have a negative impact on PET resin production in the Americas and Europe." Marshall said

according to wood Mackenzie, the PTA plant of alpek in Altamira mainly supplies PTA to the adjacent mg Mexico PET resin plant (now operated by alpek/dak Americas) and the sister company dak am. It is estimated that the overall potential demand for TPV in China can reach 300000 tons. Ericas' pet resin plant in Pearl River supplies PTA, and provides pure thermal aging Sunlight imitation and the usual interior light aging test conditions are not able to reproduce the export of sticky phenomenon

marshall pointed out: "this incident occurred at a particularly critical moment in the pet resin Market in the Americas and Europe. Both regions were seriously affected by the supply of PET resin due to the shutdown of PET resin and PTA factories."

he added: "although the fire is serious and will affect PTA production, the impact may not be as serious as people initially thought, because alpek has three PTA plants in Mexico and one in Brazil."

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