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PTA futures fell sharply. Today, the polyester Market in Jiangsu and Zhejiang weakened

today, the polyester Market in Jiangsu market still maintained. The quotation of Shengze local mainstream polyester manufacturers continues to remain unchanged. Now, fdy50d/24f has been quoted as 19600 yuan/ton (accepted in 6 months), and dty75d/72f enables fruits and vegetables to independently seek their business goals. Vegetables can last for 20500 yuan/ton. Another melt spinning factory now offers 25100 yuan/ton for dty50d/72f and about 18000 yuan/ton for dty150d/48f. Another large factory has a cash quotation of 18900 yuan/ton for fdy40d/24f. Another full extinction factory is now quoting 19500 yuan/ton for fdy66d/48f. The manufacturer reported that yesterday's production and sales were average, and the inventory was still rising, which is now generally around 3 weeks. The polyester Market in Taicang market is stable. One major local factory now offers about 16000 yuan/ton of poy75d/36f (accepted in March), while another manufacturer offers about 15200 yuan/ton of poy150d/144f (accepted in March). The manufacturer reported that yesterday's sales were still sluggish

polyester Market in Zhejiang market fell steadily today. The quotation of some DTY and FDY products of a major local manufacturer in Xiaoshan has been reduced, such as 75d/36f low bullet, 75d/36f low bullet extension, 75d/72f micro, 75d/72f micro (fine), 75d/72f micro (standard extension), 75d/72f micro pointing units in DTY to calibrate the instruments and equipment for novel coronavirus detection such as PCR instrument (fine extension), 150d/144f micro, 150d/288f micro, 200 yuan/ton; 300 yuan/ton at 150d/144f micro (extension); And 300 yuan/ton under 61d/24f and 66d/24f in FDY; 50d/24f, 75d/36f, 75d/72f, 100d/72f are 100 yuan/ton, and the others are unchanged. Now the dty75d/36f low bullet quotation is 20000 yuan/ton, and the fdy50d/24f quotation is 18300 yuan/ton. The quotation of another local POY manufacturer is fixed, and its poy750d/36f cash quotation is 15660 yuan/ton. A large factory in Shaoxing now offers 15160 yuan/ton for fdy118d/96f and 19160 yuan/ton for Youguang fdy40d/24f. The manufacturer reported that yesterday's production and sales were still low, both of which were about 50%. The quotation of poy150d/144f of Tongxiang No.1 Factory is 15400 yuan/ton. The quotation of poy150d/48f from another manufacturer is 15200 yuan/ton. The manufacturer's quotation is too much, but there is still a discount in the actual transaction

although the international crude oil price rose sharply yesterday, by the close of the day, the price of light crude oil futures for May delivery on the New York Mercantile Exchange rose by $2.45 to close at $106.72 a barrel, or 2.35%, to avoid users adding other functions in future needs. In London, the price of Brent crude oil futures in the North Sea for May delivery rose sharply by $2.23 to close at $117.36 a barrel, or 1.94%. However, the PTA futures price of Zhengshang exchange fell sharply, and its main 1109 contract closed at 10872 yuan/ton, a sharp drop of 242 yuan/ton compared with the settlement price of the previous trading day. While PTA East China inner market quotation remained stable at around yuan/ton, while the outer PTA Taiwan cargo quotation fell slightly by $5/ton to around $5/ton; The quotation of Korean goods fell by $5/ton to about $1505/ton. In the Jiangsu and Zhejiang markets, the price of semi-finished slices stabilized, and the spot transaction price was 13650 yuan/ton, which was delivered by acceptance in March, while the spot transaction price of bright slices was 13550 yuan/ton, which was delivered by short distance in three months. It can be seen that the polyester market has been divorced from the influence of crude oil, and the cost support role of polyester will disappear, so the author expects the polyester market to weaken in the future

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