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PTA daily review: crude oil rose device maintenance PTA futures opened higher and went higher

driven by the rise of upstream crude oil and the maintenance of downstream devices, on Monday (August 3), Zhengzhou PTA futures opened higher and went higher. Continuing the practice of experimental machines is a mechanical equipment rally to obtain data mechanical properties. The main 0909 contract opened at the lowest price of 7966 and closed at the daily limit of 8232, up 318 points, with 194472 transactions and 21324 position reductions. From the perspective of position changes, The main funds are transferring to the 0910 contract

from the technical point of view, the moving average system is in a long positive arrangement, the upward channel is good, the futures price hit a new high this year, and the surrounding crude oil continued to close higher to support the futures price, which is expected to continue its rise in the short term

in terms of crude oil, NYMEX crude oil futures rose above $70/barrel in Asian electronic trading on the 3rd, the first time in a month, due to the impact of signs that the global economy is recovering from the recession, and the market expects global fuel demand to recover. Analysts pointed out, "in view of the strong upward movement, it is difficult to short at present, and crude oil futures are driven higher by the strong performance of the stock market." At 15:00 Beijing time, NYMEX September crude oil futures rose 75 cents to $70.2 per barrel. The settlement price of the contract rose $2.51 to $69.45 a barrel on July 31, the highest settlement price since June 30, up 3.75%, and the intraday trading range was $64.96 to $69.74. Ice September Brent crude oil futures rose 58 cents to $72.28 a barrel. On July 31, the settlement price of the contract rose $1.59 to $71.7 a barrel, or 2.27%, and the intraday trading range was $68.06 to $72.12

on July 31, PX in Asia fell $5 to fob South Korea, and PX in Europe fell $5 to fob Rotterdam. Affected by the sharp rise in oil prices again on Friday, the focus of Jiangsu and Zhejiang semi light slice offer continues to rise today. The mainstream quotation rose to yuan/ton (cash acceptance), and the transaction performance was very good at the weekend. PTA spot market also continued to rise. The China National fiber price index PTA was reported at 8100 points, up 200 points. MEG was influenced by P's second-generation styrene based thermoplastic elastomer SEBS, which came into being in 1972. The price also rose steadily

the rise of Jiangsu and Zhejiang polyester is obvious, and the silk prices of major manufacturers have varying increases, and the morning inquiry is OK. Over the weekend, the market of 1.4d polyester staple fiber in Jiangsu and Zhejiang region generally rose, with a range of yuan/ton. At the weekend, the quotations of some large 3D hollow factories rose by 200 yuan/ton, and the 3D hollow market in Jiangsu and Zhejiang was generally stable. The offer price of Jiangsu and Zhejiang semi gloss slice market continues to rise, and the current market mainstream quotation rises to yuan/ton (cash acceptance). Most polyester factories also raised the quotation of chips, such as Shenghong rose 200 yuan/ton to 9200 yuan/ton (accepted in March); Rongsheng rose 200 yuan/ton to 9200 yuan/ton. The detection error of lever calibration tensile testing machine is very small (accepted in March)

caprolactam, the slicing market cautiously raised the price slightly, and the overall transaction situation improved slightly. Chip prices continued to strengthen, nylon silk prices rose slightly within a week, market demand is acceptable. Supported by strong costs, the acrylonitrile market maintained a narrow range, pushing up the market. Due to the reduction of new goods in the later stage, sellers' bullish confidence increased, but the downstream demand was not strong, and the spot price of the port was reported to about 10000 yuan/ton

the downstream demand of acrylic fiber market remains weak and weak, and the rise of upstream raw materials has brought some support to the acrylic fiber market, which is difficult to explore significantly. It is expected that the market will maintain the current stable and weak consolidation market. On the domestic spandex trading market over the weekend, although the main market still showed signs of loosening and downward due to the continued low-cost shipment of some brands, the sales mentality of mainstream manufacturers has slowed down. The market price of viscose staple fiber continued to rise slightly over the weekend; In particular, there are specific plans every three years, and the prices of some medium and low-end products rise rapidly. As the price of 16500 yuan/ton has appeared in the market, it is expected that the market quotation will continue to rise today

in terms of devices, Sinopec Tianjin Petrochemical's PTA device with a capacity of 340000 tons/year is scheduled to undergo a day-long shutdown and overhaul in August. A 350000 ton PTA plant in Jiangsu has been scheduled to be shut down for maintenance for about 20 days since the weekend. Another 320000 ton unit in Jiangsu is scheduled to be overhauled for about 10 days from the end of mid August. A 1.6 million ton PTA plant in South China is scheduled to be shut down for about 3 days in early August

in general, the rise in crude oil and plant maintenance are the main reasons for the continuous rise in PTA. It is expected that PTA will maintain an upward trend in the short term. However, at present, the futures price deviates far from the average, so pay attention to the callback risk and 0910 position shifting opportunities

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