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PTA daily review on July 22: PX stable support PTA concussion higher

supported by the stability of upstream Px, Zhengzhou PTA futures opened low and high on July 22, concussion upward, the main 0909 contract opened at the lowest price of 7220, the highest 7310, and closed at 7292, up 6 points from the settlement price of the previous trading day, with 242912 transactions and 9102 positions reduced

from the technical point of view, the daily average system is in a long positive arrangement, and it is expected that there is still upward space in the short term. However, there is still strong resistance at 7312 on the weekly line

nymex crude oil futures fell during Asian electronic trading on the 22nd, due to the increase in U.S. crude oil inventories in recent weeks according to the report of the American Petroleum Institute (API). According to the report released by the American Petroleum Association on the 21st, U.S. crude oil inventories increased by 3.1 million barrels, gasoline inventories increased by 1.33 million barrels, and distillate smiling service oil inventories increased by 147000 barrels in the week ended July 17. NYMEX crude oil futures in September fell 40 cents, which can complete the experiments of pipe ring stiffness, ring flexibility, flattening, weld tension and so on, to $65.21/barrel. The settlement price of the contract increased by 32 US dollars on the 21st. There is also a direct measurement method with humidity sensor; The control and display operation interfaces were divided into independent temperature and humidity controllers and combined temperature and humidity controllers to US $65.61 per barrel, up 0.5%

on July 21, PX in Asia was basically stable at $1035 FOB South Korea, and PX in Europe was basically stable at $FOB Rotterdam. On Tuesday, Asian benzene fell $14 to USD/ton FOB South Korea, and European benzene rose $12 to USD/ton FOB Rotterdam. ExxonMobil announced that the proposed PX price in August was $1060/ton, up $20/ton from the proposed price in July

pta, MEG market atmosphere is good, the medium fiber price index PTA reported 7200, a slight inquiry

the overall trend of Jiangsu and Zhejiang polyester is stable, but the market is on the rise again. Most manufacturers offer no price, but the price is low. The manufacturers have tentatively cancelled the preferential measures. The sales of 1.4d polyester staple fiber in Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions decreased, and the margin of profit concessions increased. Due to the hot weather, the three-dimensional hollow part factory in Yangzhou was shut down for maintenance. Jiangsu and Zhejiang semi gloss slices had a stable trend in early trading, and the mainstream quotation remained stable around 8600 yuan/ton (cash acceptance), and most of the concessions were tentatively cancelled

The price of caprolactam remained strong, the price of nylon high-speed spinning chips was strong, and the price of conventional spinning chips was stable. Nylon civilian silk still rose slightly this week, with manufacturers under high cost pressure and low inventory. The domestic acrylonitrile market remained stable and sideways, with sufficient port inventory supply. Affected by the sluggish downstream demand, the transaction atmosphere was cold, and the port spot self delivery price remained at about 9500 yuan/ton

under the uncertain market in the future, the acrylic fiber market mostly keeps a cautious wait-and-see. Affected by the downturn of downstream demand, the acrylic fiber market is difficult to continue its rising momentum, but the low inventory of factories and merchants will also support the acrylic fiber market will not fall significantly, and the market as a whole will continue to make consolidation. Affected by the continuous decline of the terminal industry and the cautious purchase of many downstream manufacturers due to bearish mentality, the domestic spandex market is increasingly full of supply, and the trading price also shows a steady, continuous and small decline trend under the psychological differences between manufacturers and dealers. The market price of viscose staple fiber is relatively stable compared with the previous period, and the downstream market is still weak

dynamic aspect of ethylene glycol unit: optima Malaysia restarted its only ethylene glycol unit in China, with a design capacity of 365000 tons, another 20000 tons of diethylene glycol and 140000 tons of epoxy. It was originally planned to start in the first week of July, and the unit was jointly established by Petronas and Dow Chemical. The 350000 ton/year ethylene glycol unit of South Asia 1 in Taiwan was restarted. Due to lack of profit in production, the unit was shut down for 18 days on June 17 and restarted on July 5. However, a person familiar with the matter said that if the ethylene cost continues to squeeze the manufacturer's profits, the manufacturer will consider closing the No. 2 350000 ton/year production line. The four ethylene glycols in South Asia are all located in Mailiao, with a total production capacity of 1.75 million tons/year. On Friday, the unit operating rate was around%. The Saudi yanab Petrochemical Company (yansab) announced on Wednesday that it has begun the formal production of complex combined units, which also dampened market sentiment. Even though the specific business situation is not clear yet. The ethylene glycol plant with a capacity of 770000 tons/year began to use the ethylene supply of Yanbu petrochemical in Saudi Arabia on July 4, and it is still operating at low interest rates. Its cracking unit was originally scheduled to start from July 22 to 24. SABIC expects normal supply in August, that is, goods will arrive in September

on the whole, the higher commodity prices in the upstream have given PTA cost support, but technically, the early pressure is strong. It is expected that PTA will maintain a high consolidation state in the short term, and pay attention to the early resistance

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