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PTA morning review: the peripheral market generally fell, PTA may continue the weak shock

Zhengzhou PTA futures rose on the 15th. The main 1109 contract closed at 9460 yuan/ton, up 82 yuan/ton. As the adjustment of the balance pendulum needs to ensure the verticality of the pendulum, the central bank raised the deposit reserve ratio, eased the pressure of raising interest rates, and boosted the market. However, the downstream demand slowed down, the production and sales of polyester fell this week, the market atmosphere weakened, and the boosting effect on PTA weakened. The pressure of new production capacity is still there, PTA fundamentals are weak, and prices are still difficult to continue to improve. The overall trend of the overnight peripheral market is under pressure, and PTA is expected to continue its weak and volatile trend in the near future

address: room 509, building 5, Xinke international, Jintong Road, Yubei District, Chongqing. Crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) closed at a nearly four month low on the 15th. Due to the sharp rise of the US dollar and the weak US economic data, the market worried about the global economic slowdown or weakening the demand for refined oil. The settlement price of NYMEX July light and low sulfur crude oil futures contract fell $4.56, or 4.6%, to $94.81 a barrel. Ice July Brent crude oil futures contract settlement price fell $3.06 to $117.10 a barrel, down 2.55%, the contract expired after the closing on the 15th

Intercontinental Exchange (ice) futures cotton closed lower on the 15th. Analysts said that investors have settled their positions because the general decline in the commodity market affected the futures cotton market. Asia PX fell $15 to $per ton FOB South Korea, Europe rose $14 to $per ton FOB Rotterdam, and the United States rose $10 to $per ton FOB U.S. Gulf

spot price: the atmosphere of East China PTA spot market is stable, the trading activity is not high, the market offer is stable at around 9500 yuan/ton, and the negotiation level is yuan. If the fixture is divided by structure/ton, the lower end of the downstream is dominated by the offer, and the firm offer transaction is limited. The atmosphere of the outer market is relatively stalemate, and both buyers and sellers are cautious. The low metering system can handle three kinds of liquid raw materials. Do not buy at a high price. The price of Taiwan made goods is around us dollars/ton, and the negotiation transaction is about US dollars/ton; Korean products offer 1190 dollars/ton, and the negotiation is centered on 1185 dollars/ton

in the downstream market, polyester chips continued the weak atmosphere of yesterday's shock, the market trading continued to be weak, the market transaction center also fell slightly, and some transaction prices were chaotic. Polyester production and sales fell as a whole this week. The polyester Market in Zhejiang tends to be stable. The POY quotation of some factories is on the high side, and the market atmosphere has declined. The short-term downstream cautious wait-and-see mood may gradually rise. The polyester Market in Jiangsu is stable, with preferential shipments from a few factories, and the market transaction atmosphere is weak. Jiangsu and Zhejiang mainstream polyester production and sales continued to fall moderately

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